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Schlumberger MagIC™ 9000 Mobitex Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminal Debuts with Multiple Customer Orders

Smallest, Lightest Weight Smart Card-Ready Terminal Enables Secure Credit/Debit Card Transactions in Fixed, Portable and Mobile Environments

Miami, FL, CardTech/SecurTech 2000, May 2, 2000 - Schlumberger Smart Card & Terminals, a unit of the Test & Transaction business segment of Schlumberger (NYSE:SLB), today introduced MagIC 9000 Mobitex, a smart card-ready, wireless point-of-sale (POS) terminal for secure credit and debit card transactions. The new POS terminal, which has multi-application capabilities, enables transactions to take place virtually anywhere including indoor or outdoor fixed locations (such as retail stores and restaurants), portable sites (such as sporting events, concerts and trade shows) and mobile environments (such as taxi cabs, delivery services and pay-at-table restaurant applications). The ergonomically designed, hand-held terminal is the smallest, lightest weight wireless POS terminal on the market, and is packaged with a battery charger.

Royal Bank of Canada, Millennium Money and eXcape/InterPOS have already placed significant orders for the new terminals. "With the evolution of the retail industry, merchants want flexible, mobile solutions which wireless POS technology can provide," stated Otto Richter, senior manager, POS Service & Product Development, Royal Bank of Canada. "The MagIC 9000 Mobitex now enables faster, secure transactions in many different markets, and paves the way for innovative new services that provide a win-win situation for merchants, processors and banks."

With the MagIC 9000 Mobitex terminal, the merchant activates the terminal, then the customer swipes his or her card to complete the transaction, providing enhanced security since the card never leaves the customer's sight.

The high performance, attractive MagIC 9000 Mobitex terminals offer considerable benefits to merchants, including acceptance of credit/debit cards anywhere, no monthly phone line costs and possible reduced transaction costs. Merchants have the freedom to move the POS terminal within a store or into a vehicle, providing significant opportunities to offer customers new payment options. For processors and banks, the MagIC 9000 Mobitex terminal provides access to untapped markets and enhances new merchant acquisition by offering quick and efficient line speed at a competitive cost.

The MagIC 9000 Mobitex terminal is part of the company's MagIC POS solutions, which combine an extensive range of POS terminals, management servers and applications dedicated to transaction acquisition and terminal management. They give merchants, processors and banks an end-to-end system for handling today's payments with greater efficiency and lower cost of ownership, while providing a secure and open platform for tomorrow's emerging smart card technology.

The MagIC 9000 Mobitex will be available in June 2000.


About Royal Bank

Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is a diversified global financial services group and a leading provider of personal and commercial banking, investment and trust services, insurance, corporate and investment banking, on-line banking and transaction-based services including custody. The group's main business units include Royal Bank, RBC Dominion Securities, Royal Investment Services, RBC Insurance and Global Integrated Solutions. The group has 50,000 employees who serve 10 million personal, business and public sector customers in 30 countries.
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About InterPOS and EXcape

InterPOS is an Ontario-based company incorporated in February 1997, bringing together years of expertise and resources to develop and market state-of-the-art multi-platform electronic transaction systems. InterPOS Electronic Payments Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of eXcape Inc. EXcape Inc. offers Internet network services, remote server management, disaster recovery, Internet mirroring and business-to-business e-commerce solutions. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, TeamMate Solutions Inc., eXcape also offers Customer Relationship Management (CMR) solutions that address the entire cycle of customer interactions with a business. They also provide the tools and the skills to bridge to corporate in-house systems of all types. A 7X24 call center provides service in French and English.
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About Millennium Money Inc.

Millennium Money Inc. is one of Canadas first ISOs to offer customized complete wireless POS programs to the retail sectors. A division of NewCap Inc., Millennium provides wireless POS services in all provinces and major urban centers in Canada.
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About Schlumberger Test & Transactions

Schlumberger Test & Transactions provides consulting, integration and products for testing and measurement of semiconductor devices, smart card-based transactions, IP (Internet protocol) network security and wireless services. With 1999 revenue of $1.2 billion and over 7000 employees in more than 40 countries, it is a business segment of Schlumberger Limited [NYSE: SLB], a global technology services company with 1999 revenue of $8.4 billion.
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