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PIN management solutions

The Allynis eServices PIN management platform offers card issuers many beneficial options: various delivery methods, multiple electronic channels, choice of authentication methods etc. The demo takes you from today’s widely deployed PIN delivery solutions, mainly using SMS and websites, to enhanced services leveraging connected devices, cloud, social networking, micro blogging and new messaging technologies..

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Fast Card Replacements


Banks equipped with Gemalto’s Allynis Fast Card service can equip travelling customers with replacement payment cards almost anywhere in the world. If their card is lost, stolen or damaged they will receive a new one the following day or even, where available, the same day. This enables banks to quickly tap into the fast-growing frequent-traveler market irrespective of their whereabouts. Our service handles last-minute change of plans as well as mobile solutions to send the PIN and delivery status to the customer’s phone.

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Card Customization through Social Media

AllAboutMe card design Facebook Application allows cardholders to create their own personal cards using a photo of a loved one, pet, favorite place or memorable event. This application integrates card customization with the power of social media to create a dynamic and engaging environment for banks. This is proving to be one of the most effective ways for banks to use the power of meaningful user-generated content to engage customers and to help drive positive viral marketing for their brand, increase card revenue and raise brand awareness.

Facebook Stats:

  • 1.5bn Users – up 23% in last 12 months
  • 819m Mobile Users – up 54% in last 12 months
  • 699m people log onto Facebook daily.

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Ezio eBanking Security


Gemalto eBanking security solutions allow you to anticipate attacks, adapt security levels depending on transaction specific risks and evolve to meet changing business needs.

The only secure solution is the one your customers enjoy using – made available in the channels of their choice. With the Ezio Suite you can provide full service eBanking, protected by devices and apps that work for them in their everyday lives.

Visit us to find out how the versatile Ezio Suite allows you to freely combine back-end, devices and apps from one or many vendors.

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Remote Cold Chain Management

Amongst many other applications, Gemalto M2M technology enables cold chain logistics. A cold chain is a temperature- and environment-controlled supply chain that helps ensure the integrity and shelf life of vulnerable products such as food, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

While modern communication systems and the trend toward globalization are driving increasing interconnectedness between regions, physical distance still remains a challenge. It’s common for highly regulated, environment sensitive cargo to travel thousands of miles to reach its destination.

Powered by Gemalto’s Cinterion® wireless modules and MIMs, cold chain monitoring devices securely send location and temperature data from sensors to the cloud-based Cinterion® SensorLogic Platform to monitor the cold chain in real time. Alarms can be sent if temperature thresholds are exceeded facilitating automated quality assurance and full traceability while enabling efficient logistics.

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Fast Track M2M Development

Gemalto leverages the power of embedded Java in simplifying and streamlining M2M technology. Running on billions of machines globally, Java is the most pervasive open standards programming language used today. The streamlined Java-powered Cinterion Concept Board is designed to enable M2M application prototypes in hours instead of weeks. It can be connected to Arduino-style sensor boards and includes a powerful Cinterion M2M module for global 2G and 3G cellular connectivity.

This demo shows how Gemalto’s end-to-end development tools and hardware can speed up and simplify the creation of M2M prototypes and applications using the SensorLogic Agent embedded in the Cinterion EHS6 module. With this intelligence integrated in the module, a device’s bill of material can be significantly reduced and time to market accelerated.

At the end of the chain, the Cinterion SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform natively integrates the Concept Board. All the data coming from the various sensors plugged into the concept board can be transformed into useful information including alarms and notifications so that appropriate actions can be taken.

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Mobile Marketing – Lassoo

What if there was a better way to engage with customers via mobile,

Mobile Marketing should mean more than just displaying a message.
That’s why Lassoo using Smart Message allows you to engage with your customers at different levels, from a simple alert to drive to store, to a long and interactive conversation to get to know them better. The Lassoo solution involves no codes to type and is free of charge for customers. With just a single-click action you get more than 10% response rate. Doesn’t that sound like better choice?
We support you in the implementation of permission-based marketing, improving profiling, targeting and profits. We will demonstrate:

  • Gemalto Mobile Marketing Center”, a Campaign and contacts management solution to run efficient Smart Message campaigns. It includes a user-friendly web interface and a CRM back-end for multi-screen scenario design, campaign management, targeting, analytics, and re-targeting;
  • Smart Message”, an exclusive messaging channel, for opt-in collection, database qualification, coupon delivery to support your direct marketing strategies. Gemalto is the only company to offer this unique messaging channel, which gets more than 10% response rates thanks to a better user experience.

Don’t wait for smarter technology to have smarter conversations. Come to visit us at our booth and discover now our ultimate Mobile Marketing solution : Lassoo to develop deeper relationships with your customers.

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Securing eServices

Authentication As A Service for m and eGovernment

Now secure electronic services can be at anyone's fingertips.

Recognizing that not everyone has the same level of technology proficiency, Gemalto has taken a citizen-centric approach to smart authentication by eliminating the need to install client middleware. All it takes is the click of a mouse when a simple question is displayed inside a dialog box at the time of their first connection.
To make access to electronic services even more inclusive, Gemalto delivers a comprehensive mobile PKI solution. Now strong authentication is in the palm of every citizen’s hand and Gemalto Mobile ID is transforming several national eID schemes in Europe and in the Middle East into a mobile success story. We’ll be glad to share the first results with you.

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Cloud and mobile security
     ExecProtect for Enterprise Executives and Privileged Access Users

By nature, executives are frequent travelers, rely on mobile devices and have access to the most sensitive company data. Gemalto’s Protiva ExecProtect is a solution that directly addresses these high profile users who need trusted access controls that won’t slow them down. Fully integrated into the Microsoft® environment, ExecProtect enables secure authentication, secure remote access, pre-boot authentication/whole disk encryption, email privacy and digital signature.
Based on either certificate-based, PKI technology or one-time password, ExecProtect allows IT professionals to choose the solution that best meets the needs of their organization. The solution also includes software and associated middleware, client application and servers, as well as services to enable procurement, customization, service maintenance and consulting.

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Enrolment for a new NFC service

Enrolment for a new NFC service is a critical phase in the NFC end-user experience. This step should be as simple and convenient as possible. In this demo, we intend to illustrate how the end-user can add a new NFC card to his/her Mobile Wallet through the Trusted Service Management (TSM). In order to highlight how fast and secure it is, we are also demonstrating what happens “behind the scenes” all the way from eligibility check of the end-user by the MNO TSM to the personalization of the card by the SP TSM.

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Shopping Experience by Gemalto!

NFC Mobile Retail
    “Personal Smart Shopper”

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal shopping assistant, helping you from list-making to receipt-storing? The Personal Smart Shopper (PSS) does just that. It’s the complete shopping experience, right from your phone.

PSS is a solution designed for mobilizing the user’s personal shopping experience. It allows retailers to develop a closer relation with their customers, bringing them support throughout the entire purchasing journey.

With the Personal Smart Shopper consumers can create shopping lists, get personalized deals and promos, see available coupons, check and use loyalty points, and self-scan products. In addition, they avoid long lines by using a dedicated self-checkout to pay, redeem coupons and use loyalty points – all in just one tap.
No more long lines. No more paper coupons to clip and store. Grocery shopping made easy.

Personal Smart Shopper: re-inventing the consumer shopping experience!

Mobile Wallet for Retail

Our Mobile Wallet demo shows the solution from the retailers’ perspective and includes an innovative multi-channel wallet for both in-store and remote payments in a real-life coffee house environment.

We have taken a fresh look at the Mobile Wallet to come up with a smooth and seamless shopping experience. In one tap, the end-user can adapt his Mobile Wallet to his own shopping and payment habits. This Mobile Wallet offers a contextualized and personalized experience in the shop. Loyalty, coupons, payment – everything is dynamically aggregated in our new Mobile Wallet, allowing the end-user to avoid the hassle of the check-out. So Mobile Wallet is no longer a mere aggregation of payment cards, but the combination of all relevant and contextualized shopping services. For retailers, this mobile wallet represents a new channel to reach out to customers and promote their services. As part of this demonstration, we are showcasing our new server product managing the distribution of mobile coupons in our new Mobile Wallet.

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"Diversify your Mobile Payment offer"


Be sure to stay ahead of the curve and reach the Mobile Payment Market now, with simple, secure and scalable solutions.

With Gemalto’s MicroSD and Sticker you can play a leading role in the Mobile Payment arena and build an innovative brand. In the retail arena, end users will no longer need to carry their wallet into any store when making contactless purchases, only their current mobile phones either with a sticker attached to it or with a MicroSD card inside is enough. We strive to make everyone’s life easier with innovative financial services, bringing forward all the advantages that contactless technology has, such as speeding up transactions significantly thus cutting waiting lines while strengthening your relationship with your customers.

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Optelio Display Card : The Interactive Payment Card

Bringing value beyond payment: The Optelio Display Card is a high-end solution that combines EMV and contactless payment, account information display, and One-Time Password (OTP) authentication, all together into a single device.

Gemalto’s display card incorporates a digital display and keypad for secure online banking and e-commerce. Be sure to have a real connection with the consumer while he is shopping, all directly through his card. Users can access securely their account details such as balances, transactions, credit limits and make the most out of loyalty programs by giving real-time information on available rewards to be used instantly by the users.

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Fully integrated EMV NFC mPOS

Developed by Mobeewave, Gemalto and STMicroelectronics, this solution is a unique combination of hardware, software and application (a NFC controller, high-end Secure Element hardware and related Java 3.0.1 GP2.2 Operating System, and a true EMV mobile POS application). This is the first solution integrated into mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) to turn them into fully EMV compliant mPOS terminals able to operate payment transactions with any contactless card or NFC mobile device. As a result, it will ease and encourage adoption of mPOS by traditional and new retailers.