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使用金雅拓的身份信息和数据保护解决方案,企业可以采用以数据为中心的方案保护其数据安全,全面管理相关的基础设施和应用程序。它们不但可以在交易过程中创建信任和认证授权,更可以保证敏感信息得到保护和控制 — 包括在企业内部和公有及私有云。除提升防护等级外,企业可以根据未来的身份信息和数据保护需求进行扩展,提高业务效率。


  • 身份和访问管理 
  • 数据加密 
  • 加密管理 
  • 云安全 

  • 2015年上半年外泄水平指数报告







  • A Security Survey of Strong Authentication Technologies

    A Security Survey of Strong Authentication Technologies - White Paper

    All authentication methods are based on providing the legitimate user with a method for proving his or her identity. Such “proof” can involve different form factors, such as something only the user knows (like a password) or something only the user has (like an external piece of hardware or the user’s biometric information). It could also be something that the user is, such as unique physical attributes, for example, a fingerprint or retinal scan.

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  • Assessing the True Cost of Strong Authentication - White Paper

    Many organizations rarely look closely at the Total Cost of Operation of their authentication solution and instead make a decision heavily driven by the up-front purchase price. This approach to assessing authentication costs shows that infrastructure investments and management overheads dominate the total cost of the solution. Lowering these overheads, therefore, would reduce Total Cost of Operation. Cloud-based services are increasingly becoming an integral part of the enterprise, precisely because they lower costs and management overhead while increasing flexibility.

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  • - 防护数据泄露:三步走措施加强数据安全

  • 了解金雅拓SafeNet身份信息与数据保护解决方案

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  • Posted on Sep 26, 2017

    Data breach statistics 2017: First half results are in

    So far this year, the level of social awareness around cybersecurity and data breaches has exploded causing more people sit up and take notice. Historically, the topic was covered predominantly by tech-centric publications but recently has received much more attention from mainstream media. Today’s announcement from the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that a […]

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