Gemalto Awards

​​Gemalto strives for excellence in everything we do and we are proud of the awards and recognition accorded to us by others in the fields of innovation, marketing and business, the quality of our solutions, and our people.​


  • Mar 23 | Gemalto Wins 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Best Encryption Product with SafeNet KeySecure​​

    "Gemalto announces that they have been named a winner of the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Gemalto's SafeNet KeySecure​ was voted "best encryption product" by over 300,000 members of the global information security community. ​​"

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  • Mar 7 | Gemalto LTE Cat. 1 solution wins IoT Evolution Connected Home & Building Award

    "Gemalto won the 2016 IoT Evolution Connected Home & Buil​ding Award​ for its Cinterion LTE Cat. 1 wireless module. The award from IoT Evolution honors organizations delivering the most innovative solutions that are advancing the smart home and building industry. The first-of-its kind Cinterion module was selected for delivering highly efficient Cat. 1 LTE connectivity with seamless fallback to 2G and 3G networks, which is ideal for smart home and building applications such as metering, alarm systems and remote building maintenance​"

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  • Jan 18 | Gemalto won the ACT Canada IVIE Award in the "Privacy by Design" category for its ID Verification solution

    "ACT Canada, the stakeholder association driving payment evolution and digital identity, announced the winners of the IVIE Awards, celebrating innovation in payments and digital identity products. The IVIE Awards recognize the ingenuity of the winners and the value that implementations of emerging technologies bring to the market."

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  • Dec 15 | Gemalto awarded three times as the global leader in transport ticketing solutions

    Gemalto has been recognized by three market research analysts as the world's number one supplier of contactless and mobile solutions for public transportation . ABI Research, Juniper Research and IHS have all published independent reports that rank Gemalto as the global leader in this fast-growing sector.
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  • Nov 27 | Gemalto awarded with best innovation product in transport

    Gemalto's Celego Calypso G1 card has won the top award in the Best Innovation category at the Calypso Open Session – held on 18 November - in Paris, France.
    Philippe Jallot, who represented Gemalto, received the prize in front of the more than 100 participants of the famous Calypso Networks Association yearly event, including Transport Operators, System Integrators, and other Industry players.
    Calypso is an open and field-proven standard for transport ticketing and city services, designed by major transport operators and used around the world for two decades by more than 125 cities in more than 20 countries.
    Celego Calypso G1 recognition is a real achievement, against tough competition for this award, from major players such as Spirtech and ASK who were nominated for HCE initiatives.
    Gemalto has put all its expertise in this card to design a product standing out from the competition, with strong differentiators like improved performances and compatibility with NFC phones, in order to reinforce Gemalto's leadership on the transportation market. It is available in a range of formats: contactless cards, dual interface cards and wearables.

    Check the dedicated brochure to know more about the solution.

  • Awards for the Review, Gemalto Magazine

    iNova Awards: In November 2015, Gemalto has won Gold and Grand Award for its microsite Putting the E in Estonia.

    Inspire Awards: The Review – Bronze in Customer Communications/Print

    Summit Creative Awards: The Review – Silver in Magazines - /review - Silver in Microsites

    International Creative Media Award: Putting the E in Estonia– Bronze in Online Media and multimedia and ;Bob Metcalfe cover – Award of Excellence in 'Front pages'

  • Nov 30 | Gemalto received the 2015 Security Award from Relatório Bancário in Brazil

    Gemalto won the 2015 Relatório Bancário Award for Security with its Ezio® Multi-Channel Authentication Solution. The award-winning service was deployed last January by Banrisul (Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul) to secure its expanding mBanking services.
    Available for the 4 million Banrisul customers, the service turns their smartphones and tablets into strong authentication devices, through one-time passwords (OTP) and transaction signatures across several banking channels.
    Over 170 solutions adopted by the financial system were registered and reviewed by a panel of judges with outstanding expertise in the banking industry.

  • Sept 23 | 2015Juniper Research 2015 Award

    Gemalto receives 2015 Digital Payments Award from Juniper Research for Digital Payments for its Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH), a turnkey solution that helps banks, processors and other issuers to efficiently deploy secure mobile payment solutions across diverse networks and devices.
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  • Apr 2 | Internet-of-Things solutions enabled by Gemalto win 2015 Connected World Awards

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  • Nov 24 | /review takes top prize

    In November 2014, The Gemalto Hong Kong's contactless Octopus card video has won Silver in the animation category of the iNova Awards, which honor "the world's best corporate websites.

  • Nov 20 | Gemalto NV receives the Best Company in Netherlands Award 2014

    Prestigious benchmark among a very large number of companies including all listed in the Eurostoxx 600

    The award is given each year by CEAMS (an asset management company) to best European companies based on what they call “corporate quality”.
    The ranking takes into consideration the financial condition of the company and lists ‘Milestones of Excellence’ for each winner.

    The CEAMS valued Gemalto for:
    - Leadership in both mobile and security services giving us competitive strength in fast-growing markets
    - Expertise and continuous innovation making us able to deliver constantly growing sales and profitability since 2006
    - Global perspective as Gemalto a truly international company with a significant market share and clients from some 190 countries
    - Vast potential of business growth in the future thanks to technology developments, increasing demand for digital security and immense size of the market
    - Penetration rate still below 25% for the majority of our markets (chip cased payments, eDocuments, Enterprise clouds authentication, connected machines, etc).

    Hermes won the prize in France and the overall European winner is the Swedish company, H&M.

  • Sept | Gemalto N.V. was awarded bronze in the category “Best printed report – unlisted /international” in Communicate magazine’s “Corporate and Financial Awards competition”

    For its Annual Report 2014, Gemalto N.V. was awarded bronze in the category "Best printed report – unlisted /international" in Communicate magazine's "Corporate and Financial Awards competition".

  • May 15 | Gemalto Receives Frost & Sullivan 2014 Award for Border Control and Biometrics

    Gemalto has earned the Frost & Sullivan 2014 Customer Value Leadership Award for Border Control and Biometrics for its fast, reliable and secure immigration control solutions. Frost & Sullivan’s analysts and industry experts recognized Gemalto for achieving excellence in two critical areas: customer value and implementation. In particular, the company commended Gemalto’s outstanding achievement as prime contractor of the Ghana eImmigration program.

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  • Jan 14| Gemalto wins Pan-European Award of Excellence for enabling NFC Smart Cities

    Gemalto announces that the Smart Urban Spaces (SUS) project has won the Information Technology for European Advancement Award of Excellence for enabling contactless smart cities through the rollout of NFC context-based services. This project is part of EUREKA, a pan-European initiative uniting 38 member countries with the shared goal to support companies and research institutes in transnational R&D projects. The project was developed by a Gemalto-led consortium of 20+ partners from all over Europe and aims at introducing interoperable e-city services based on the latest mobile technologies and ubiquitous mobile computing techniques.

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  • Nov 27 | The International Content Marketing Awards , London: The Review & /review have scooped an award in the “Best B2B Technology and Telecoms” category. Following four previous recognitions, five wins in row is unprecedented

    The international judges were really impressed how the Review has moved forward in the last year with a combined print & digital program that complement each other. Here’s what the judges said:
    "The Review has undergone a major transformation in the past 12 months, going from a print magazine into an always-on multimedia content programme. As the world’s leading digital security company, the client’s target audience work in the fast-paced technology sector and are used to working in the digital space.

    While the magazine remains true to its core purpose of bringing Gemalto’s technology to life and increasing the understanding of what it does, content is now linked to the company’s digital marketing, with every spread prompting the reader to move online. The team have also created a responsive ‘content wall’ that repurposes the magazine’s content and adds exclusive online stories.

    Research has shown that reader understanding of the client and its industry is up, with initial stats for the content wall showing that average reading times are high. “In a short space of time, this multiplatform approach has really paid off,” said the judges. “It’s a fantastic example of how print and digital can complement each other well."

    About the Review
    The aim of the Review is to examine the newly-defined domain of digital security and deliver thought-provoking articles about the big issues shaping the digital security world. It focuses on the tangible, measurable benefits that digital technology is already providing to people around the world and highlights future opportunities.
    The Review is aimed at public and private sectors leaders, including those working in governments, financial services, mobile telecommunications, the internet, public transport, the media and universities worldwide.
    The Review is published three times a year and is available in print , online, and for the iPad.

    About /review
    /review is the new online home of the magazine – and much more besides. The site features highlights from the Review along with plenty of exclusive content, videos, infographics, Gemalto news and more. The site is optimized for smartphones and tablets, so you can read our insights wherever you are.
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  • Nov | Cartes 2013 - Winner of 2013 Sesames Awards - M2M Technology to protect Amazon Rainforest

    Gemalto won the Hardware Sesames Award at the Cartes 2013 Tradeshow. The M2M solution to protect the Amazon Rainforest submitted by Manfred Kobe confirms our expertise in the Internet of Things domain. It has been voted the most impactful of the 10 Sesames winners by the audience at the award ceremony.

  • Jul 18 | Gemalto Honored with Connected World 2013 Gold Value Chain Award for Facilitating Innovative M2M Technology

    Gemalto M2M technology has won a gold 2013 Connected World Magazine's prestigious Value Chain Award. Partnering with Jazz Wireless Data, the Gemalto solution enables high-speed connectivity and GPS data transmission for TrackPoint's innovative solar powered wireless asset management product. The device was used in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to remotely monitor fuel levels in tanker trucks and fleet vehicles working to speed recovery and restore power. The solution allowed utility companies to reroute fuel delivery schedules in real time to keep operations running at peak levels.

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  • Jul 15 | Future Mobile Award for NFC 2013

    Gemalto received the NFC award for 2013. For NFC to succeed, it is critical that the ecosystem is presented with solutions that offer interconnectivity regardless of form factor or national market. Gemalto’s TSM Interconnectivity Service represents a potentially key evolutionary development in this regard, reducing the NFC complexity (and time-to-market) for service providers and – from an SE provider perspective – offers the potential to stimulate NFC deployment across a host of services.

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  • Jun 27 | LTE World Summit 2013 - Gemalto wins "Best LTE Security Product" Award

    Gemalto has won the “Best LTE Security Product Award” at the LTE World Summit 2013. The award recognizes the best-in-class security delivered by Gemalto’s Advanced Connectivity solution, which combines the LinqUs™ Advanced OTA platform with the UpTeq™ LTE UICC card. This end-to-end solution creates a
    fast and secure connectivity layer, on top of which mobile operators and service providers can deploy new value added services such as LTE subscription activation, payment applications, multimedia distribution and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity.

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  • Apr 18| Rencontre Numérique : L’ANR décerne le prix «valorisation et transfert» à Jean-Paul Caruana de Gemalto, pour le projet F@CIL.

    "A l’occasion des Rencontres du Numérique, organisées par l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche à la cité des Sciences de la Villette, quatre projets de recherche ayant bénéficié du financement sur projets ont été distingués le 17 avril 2013.[..]

    Le prix «valorisation et transfert» a été décerné à Jean-Paul Caruana de Gemalto, pour le projet F@CIL. Dans le domaine en pleine expansion de la communication de proximité sans contact entre des cartes à puces et leurs lecteurs (cartes bancaires, de transport en commun, échange d’information de téléphone mobile à lecteur, passeprot électroniques..), le projet F@CIL a consisté à inventer des puces clientes permettant des échanges à haut débit et fonctionnant avec très peu d’énergie.
    Ce projet s’est distingué par la création d’un produit innovant et par son potentiel d’utilisation. Ce projet a permis le dépôt de 6 brevets et son succès permet la valorisation mondiale des résultats des travaux menés

    Lire le communiqué de presse en entier (only in French)


  • Nov 28 | Best B2B publication | Our award winning Digital Security magazine

    The Review, Issue 2 2012A staple fixture on the awards podium, the Review has been recognized 4 years in a row for the excellence of its unique content covering all aspects of our industry, technological innovations, and hi-tech trends.

    About the Review
    The aim of the Review is to examine the newly-defined domain of digital security and deliver thought-provoking articles about the big issues shaping the digital security world. It focuses on the tangible, measurable benefits that digital technology is already providing to people around the world and highlights future opportunities.
    The Review is aimed at public and private sectors leaders, including those working in governments, financial services, mobile telecommunications, the internet, public transport, the media and universities worldwide.
    The Review is published three times a year and is available in print , online, and for the iPad.

    From our readers point of view
    A most recent readership survey highlights reveals that:
    • 89% of respondents rated the design as very good or good
    • 84% respondents rated the content as very good or good
    • 51% respondents intended to retain the magazine after reading it
    • 55% respondents said the magazine improved their understanding of digital security a lot

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  • Nov 12 | The 2012 BFM Awards Recognize Gemalto's best Stock Market Performance

    Every year, BFM Radio - France's leading business-oriented radio station - acknowledges most innovative and entrepreneurial companies.

  • Nov 05 | Cartes 2012 - Sesames award - Gemalto Receives A New Innovation Award

    Gemalto won a new Sesames award at the 2012 CARTES & IDentification industry conference for its PrintPixel security feature.
    PrintPixel is a highly secure printing technology that allows color photographs to be permanently embedded into polycarbonate identity cards. The remarkable innovation combines the security of laser engraving, which enables markings deep into the card body, with the quality of color portraits..

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  • May 29 | Gemalto Wins "Best Contribution to R&D for LTE" award at LTE World Summit 2012

    Gemalto won the LTE Awards in the "Best contribution to R&D for LTE" at the LTE World Summit 2012. Gemalto’s winning entry is an acknowledgment of the innovation leadership and dedication to best-in-class research that helps bring operational LTE solutions to market quickly. This is the third consecutive recognition for Gemalto at LTE World Summit, following the "Best contribution to LTE standards" and "Best enabling technology" awards won in 2011. In the U.S, Gemalto also received the "Most Innovative Network Deployment" at 4G World 2011.

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  • Mar 28 | Gemalto Wins Two Excellence Awards in China

    Gemalto announces its Allynis Trusted Service M​anager (TSM) has won the “2011 Payment Industry Editor’s Choice of Excellent Products Award” awarded by PayNews, China’s first online portal for payment industry. Its Dexxis Instant Issuance solution also won an “Excellent Solution for Financial Industry Award” from Financial Computerizing magazine, a leading publication supervised by the People’s Bank of China.

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  • Mar 22 | Gemalto Wins Two Awards for Mobile Commerce Innovation from Juniper Research
    Gemalto has won two Future Mobile Awards from Juniper Research in the Near Field Communications (NFC) and Mobile Ticketing categories respectively. The awards recognize Gemalto’s role in mobile commerce through Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) deployment and Trusted Service Man​agement (TSM) for NFC technology, as well as contactless services for mass transit.

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  • Jan 10 | Gemalto Wins 2012 Cloud Award for Security Innovation

    Gemalto won the Security Innovation award in the inaugural 2012 Cloud Awards program. Gemalto was recognized for its Protiva Strong Authentication Service, a robust strong authentication platform that enables secure access to cloud resources and applications.

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  • Jan 10 | Cinterion wins TMC award

    Cinterion has scooped an award for its innovative smart grid technology.
    In January, Cinterion won the Smart Grid Excellence Award 2011 from TMCnet’s Smartgrid for its EU3 M2M module, a high-speed cellular communications system that enables smart grid deployment among global utility businesses. Equipped with Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) capability on a 900MHz band, the system increases the coverage area for high-speed communications, even in remote locations, and enables communication on 2G and 3G wireless networks.
    The EU3 system was designed for industrial automatic meter reading, smart grid applications and long-term deployments with simple integration and secure lines of communication.

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  • Dec 21 | BearingPoint Awards Gemalto for its Innovation Efficiency

    Gemalto has won the prestigious BearingPoint innovation management award (“Agile Innovation Award”) for its think tank initiative “BIG” (Business Innovation Garage). BIG provides Gemalto's 10,000 employees company-wide with a structured process to submit and manage any innovative ideas they have. Ideas covering wide-ranging fields of application – from communication, payment, transport, Internet access, and machine-to-machine application – are systematically challenged, audited, developed and eventually selectively turned into incubation cells.

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  • Nov 15 | Cartes 2011 - Sesames award - Gemalto Receives A New Innovation Award

    Article coming from "L'Usine Nouvelle" (only in French)Gemalto has won the IT Security Sesames award for Just4YourEyes™. The winning innovation was distinguished at the 2011 CARTES & IDentification industry fair.

    This Sesames award recognizes Gemalto’s expertise in securing cloud computing for enterprise applications,” commented Tan Teck-Lee, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer. “Gemalto’s secure cloud services meet the increasing need to access corporate content on-the-go, while easing digital rights and identities management.

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  • Oct 20 | Gemalto Named 2011 Industry Player of the Year by L’Usine Nouvelle

    Article coming from "L'Usine Nouvelle" (only in French)Gemalto won the prize of the “Company of the Year” in 2011 by l’Usine Nouvelle. L’Usine Nouvelle is a reference publication in the industrial and technological space.
    Gemalto was distinguished for its “successful evolution to the digital world” and “achievement in reinventing the world of industry”. In other words, this award recognizes our transformation from a card manufacturer to a leader in digital security.
    A number of major contracts signed this year all over the world, a strong attention to innovation and intellectual property management, combined with Gemalto’s industrial strategy and its extensive portfolio of solutions and services were key in the selection among 300 large enterprises industry leaders in their markets.

    More info... | In the News (in French only)

  • Jul 8 | Aerotel and Cinterion Win 2011 Connected World Gold Value Chain Award in Home Health Category

    Aerotel Medical Systems , a leading global supplier of advanced remote monitoring solutions for telehealth and telecare, and its partner Cinterion, the global leader in cellular machinetomachine (M2M) communication and a Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) company, announce winning the Connected World Magazine’s prestigious gold Value Chain Award in the home health category for Aerotel’s eCliniQ ™ system and the ConnectCELL ™ telehealth homecare hub. Connected World Magazine’s Value Chain Awards honor the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and the solution providers that make their success possible.

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  • Jul 8 | RWE, INSYS icom and Cinterion Win 2011 Connected World Gold Value Chain Award

    RWE Effizienz GmbH, a leading European provider for intelligent system solutions for electric vehicle charging facilities, INSYS icom, a leading industrial data communications specialist, and Cinterion, the global leader in M2M communications modules and a Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) company, today announced winning the Connected World Magazine’s prestigious Value Chain Award for the RWE SmartStation eCar charging infrastructure. The Value Chain Award honors the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and the solution providers that make their success possible.

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  • Jun 16 | Gemalto Wins 2011 A.T. Kearney Best Innovator Award

    Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou with the A.T Kearney Award Gemalto has been distinguished with the A.T. Kearney 2011 Best Innovator Award, in recognition for its best-in-class innovation management and leadership. The evaluation focuses on the practical "how to" in innovation practice and assesses what leading companies really do in order to achieve superior yield from their innovation strategies and investments. The jury, which is comprised of senior business executives, ranked Gemalto clearly first amongst a number of nominated global industry leaders.

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  • May 19 | Gemalto Wins Two Awards at LTE World Summit 2011: "Best contribution to LTE standards" and "Best enabling technology"

    Gemalto announces it has won two Informa LTE Awards in the “Best contribution to LTE standards“ and “Best enabling technology“ categories at the LTE World Summit 2011. The awards recognize Gemalto’s innovation capacity, which materializes in a range of complete LTE solutions.

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  • Mar 30 | Gemalto Innovation Receives Sesames Award at CARTES in Asia 2011

    Gemalto Smart Badge HolderGemalto continues to demonstrate its innovation leadership with the announcement that its Smart Badge Holder has won the Sesames Award at CARTES in Asia 2011.
    The Sesames Awards granted in Europe and Asia each year celebrate the unique contribution and investment of leading industry players like Gemalto in developing next generation products and solutions for the digital age.

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  • Dec 14, 2010 | Connected World Magazine Names Gemalto Top Technology Provider of M2M and Connected Devices

    eGoTM Gemalto has been named to the CW 100, Connected World Magazine’s prestigious list of the most innovative technology providers of machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected devices

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  • Dec 07, 2010 | Gemalto Receives Innovation Award at Sesames 2010 for eGo™

    eGoTM Gemalto announced it has won the IT Security Sesames award foreGo™. This winning innovation is being showcased at CARTES & IDentification on the Gemalto booth (3E002).

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  • Dec 03, 2010 | Gemalto Wins 2010 Innovation Award at European Nanoelectronics Forum

    Gemalto announces that the CATRENE* Trusted Secure Computing project has won the “2010 Innovation award” at the Nanoelectronics Forum in Madrid. The forum is the largest European event in microelectronics and embedded applications and this award demonstrates Gemalto’s innovation capacity in the Internet access .
    *CATRENE: Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on NanoElectronics. The CATRENE program is supported by the EUREKA pan-European initiative.

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  • Nov 24, 2010 | The Review (Gemalto magazine) scoops one more award!

    The Review won the Best B2B magazine category at the APA International Publishing Awards in London, for the second year running – an almost unprecedented honour.
    The independent panel of judges, comprising marketing directors praised the Review “ for its effective and fascinating editorial and brilliant photography

  • Nov 18 2010 | Gemalto Honored with Homeland Security Award

    Gemalto received an honor at the Government Security News Homeland Security Awards gala in Washington DC. The company’s government-certified Personal Identity Verification credential won the Best Smart Card Solution award.

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  • Nov 17, 2010 | Gemalto Awarded 2010 Latin America Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

    Gemalto announced that it has received the 2010 Latin America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award from leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. This award recognizes Gemalto’s accomplishments and superior command of growth, innovation and leadership.

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  • Jul 28, 2010 | Award for Gemalto’s Annual Report

    Our Annual Report has won silver at the League of American Communications Professionals 2009 Vision Awards.

    Gemalto's report was competing with 4000 entries from 25 countries.
    The judges said that it “demonstrated exceptional characteristics which set it apart as one to be truly celebrated…the first impression is very good…supported by a robust financials section which is outstanding. The level of creativity…is excellent, supported by excellent clarity in communicating this year’s key messages… accessibility to key information sought by readers is outstanding…we congratulate the entire team…we classify it as being among the best annual reports within its industry this year.”
    This prize rewards the increasing quality of our Corporate and Financial communications and is the result of great collaboration between many of Gemalto’s departments.

  • Jun 28, 2010 | EUREKA Innovation Award: Gemalto R&D Project Wins Coveted Pan-European Trophy

    Gemalto announced that the MEDEA+ ONOM@TOPIC+ project has won the EUREKA Innovation finalist trophy. This pan-European award demonstrates Gemalto’s innovation capacity applied to two domains: in providing citizens with secure interoperable eGovernment services, and in delivering advanced mobile solutions

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  • May 19, 2010 | Gemalto Wins Prestigious Industry Award for Government-Certified Secure Flash Drive

    Gemaltoannounced that its government-certified Smart Guardian (SG) FIPS, a smart card-based encrypted USB drive, received the Outstanding Innovation in Security Technology Award at the Smart Card Alliance 2010 Annual Conference in Arizona.

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  • Apr 7, 2010 | Gemalto Wins Corporate University Xchange Award for Exemplary Practice in Leadership

    Gemalto University recognized for improving employee and business performance. Gemalto was named as a winner at the 11th Annual Corporate University Xchange Awards for Excellence and Innovation.

  • Mar 10, 2010 | Gemalto Identity Conference receives an Award from The Emirates Identity Authority

    Gemalto award from NETS in SingaporeGemalto received an award from EIDA for the outstanding organization of its annual Identity Conference in Abu Dhabi.
    More than 130 delegates came from 24 different countries. This conference strongly promoted the achievements done in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.
    The news spread on all Arabic newspapers, English newspapers (The Gulf and The National) and Abu Dhabi TV on prime time. See the coverage of the event on The Emirates Identity Authority website. (in Arabic only)

  • Apr 2, 2010 | Gemalto received 2 Innovation Trophies at PayForum for its E-banking strong authentication solutions

    Payforum 2010, the annual banking meeting, took place in Paris on 17-18 March. It gathered professionals from the banking industry and solution providers.

    Gemalto as an only company received 2 Innovation Trophies for:
    Ezio DisplayCard - Most Innovative Solution for online strong authentication
    Ezio Secure Mobile Authentication - Most innovative Mobile Payment Solution.

  • Jan 9 | The "1st Partner to provide Card Personalization Solution" Award from NETS in Singapore

    Gemalto award from NETS in SingaporeIn early Jan this year, NETS celebrated their 25th Anniversary.
    NETS committee also awarded a total of 25 customers, partners and vendors with appreciation awards. Major companies received an award, like Singapore Pools, DBS, Cold Storage, Wei Long (car Parking), 7-11.
    In terms of card vendors and card personalization solution, only Gemalto received this award: "The 1st Partner to provide Card Personalization Solution” Award recognizing its continuous support during the past 25 years, especially for the launch of CASHCARD for Electronic Road Pricing (an electronic system of road pricing based on pay–as-use & charges varies accordingly to peak hours).

  • Dec 14, 2009 | SC Magazine Names Gemalto ‘Innovator’ for 2009

    Tim Cawsey,Gemalto Corporate Branding Manager, received the award at the European Excellence Awards ceremony in ViennaGemalto has been given the distinction of “Innovator 2009” by leading IT security publication SC Magazine. Gemalto was recognized in the Multi-Factor Authentication category for its portfolio of authentication products including the recently launched Protiva™ Smart Guardian (SG) – a smart card-based USB flash storage protected by military-grade encryption, and a PIN or passphrase for access.

    More info

  • Dec 10, 2009 | Gemalto won the award for the best European Corporate Advertizing campaign for JustAskGemalto

    Tim Cawsey,Gemalto Corporate Branding Manager, received the award at the European Excellence Awards ceremony in ViennaThe European Excellence Awards honor the most outstanding achievements of communications professionals in their field. A jury of over 30 leading European communications professionals judged the campaign on its strategy, innovation, creativity, cost-efficiency and results.

  • Nov 25, 2009 | The Review (Gemalto magazine) won the Best B2B magazine category at the APA International Publishing Awards in London

    The Review Fall 2009
    Gemalto fought off short-listed competition from RBS, Booker, Fujitsu, Royal Mail (x2), BT, CPA Global and Inmarsat.

    The independent panel of judges, comprising marketing directors said: "It makes the complex subject of digital security not only readable but very interesting. The quality of design really shines through and it's a great showcase for a global brand".

  • Nov 23, 2009 | Grand Prix Effie 2009 - Prix Communication Corporate & BtoB: Gemalto ""

    Isabelle Marand, VP Branding & Internal Comms as well as the Managing Director from TBWA/Corporate collected the award.Gemalto won the award for best B-B advertising campaign, beating Air France and BNP-Paribas in the process. Effie, also known as the Oscars of the French Ad Industry, stands for the efficiency of the campaign. Gemalto was rewarded due to the massive interest created by; over1 million visitors in just six months and an on-line campaign with 3 times as many clicks as the industry standard. The jury gave particular praise to the campaign as digital security is a complex subject to promote

    More info [in French only]

  • Nov 20, 2009 | Grand Prix des Actions Mieux Vivre Votre Argent - Médaille d'Or Gemalto

    Le Palmarès 2009 fait la part belle aux sociétés de taille moyenne puisque Gemalto occupe la première marche du podium". [Mieux Vivre votre argent: C. Brault]

  • Nov 17, 2009 | Cartes 2009: Gemalto won two Sesames awards - “Hardware“ with “Contactless Very High Data Rate“ and “Mobile” with MASSIM.

    The Contactless Very High Data Rate (VHDR) is a communication protocol that enables transfer of large amounts of data to and from contactless products, ten times faster than with current contactless technology. For example, a large music file can be transferred in less than three seconds. Contactless VHDR can be implemented in e-health cards to allow transfer of medical files including high-resolution X-ray pictures, or in eID cards to speed up biometric data verification. Incorporated in an NFC SIM card, Contactless VHDR would enable purchase of MP3 files with transfer and payment being carried out simultaneously.

    MASSIM, which stands for M2M Anti-Stealing SIM, is a Machine-to-Machine SIM card which theft can be detected immediately. An M2M SIM card is a robust SIM-based device that meets the stringent requirements of the industrial environment in terms of vibrations and shocks. Once MASSIM has been placed in industrial equipment, such as electricity or gas meters, the card automatically detects and stores its location. If removed and inserted into a mobile phone, it will immediately detect the change of location and send an SMS to the service provider. The service provider is then able to take all necessary actions, such as blocking the card.

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  • Sept 16, 2009 | IDDY (Identity Deployment of the Year) Award:

    Gemalto and Vodafone Group R&D Win IDDY Award for Remote Strong Authentication of OpenIDs

    Digital ID World 2009, Las Vegas, NV - Gemalto and Vodafone Group R&D have been awarded an IDDY - Identity Deployment of the Year Award - for a collaborative proof-of-concept identity application that enables smart card-based strong authentication of an OpenID across the Internet or a mobile network.

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  • Jul 29, 2009 | Gemalto recognized with Meritorious Defence Partner Award (MDPA) by Singapore’s Ministry of Defense

    Gemalto is recognized by the Ministry of Defense in Singapore for its contribution and support for National Servicemen who carry a double responsibility; both to the defense and protection of their nation as well as their service to their company. Gemalto makes provisions within the company structure and operational processes to accommodate this, ensuring they can fulfill their dual duties to the best of their abilities.”

  • May 18, 2009| Todos (a Gemalto company) wins award for CTCB’s SMS authentication

    "Chinatrust Commercial Bank Taiwan has won the Enhanced Internet Bank Security Program OTP award for their user-friendly Todos eCode setup. CTCB, with more than one million online users, rolled out Todos bySMS in June 2006.
    Todos bySMS is a patented OTP verification system that leverages the consumer’s mobile phone. The system consists of a specific online eCode generation system operated by CTCB and an SMS gateway plug-in, which mitigates both phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks by using two separate channels – online and offline – for data transaction.
    Ove Wedsjö, CEO at Todos, comments: “Todos bySMS is the pinnacle of user-friendly eBanking authentication and is proof that you can indeed combine high security levels with happy end-users. The flexibility of our eCode system has put many banks, such as CTCB, in the market’s driver’s seat with truly future-proof solutions.

    Peter Wei, Senior vice-president at Chinatrust Commercial Bank, said: “Chinatrust Commercial Bank devotes itself to high standard on-line security with a user-friendly manner. We are delighted to receive this award.”[...]

  • May 07, 2009 | Value Partner of the year by Bharti Airtel

    New Delhi, India, – Gemalto is awarded "Value Partner of the Year" by Bharti Airtel, India’s largest wireless telecommunications provider by subscriber base. During the "Airtel Partnership Meet 2009" in March, Gemalto was the only digital security vendor to be recognized at its Best Partner Awards ceremony, which honors the top 10 suppliers and vendors out of 3,500 partners across 10 award categories.

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  • Feb 4, 2009 | Gemalto Wins Austin Business Journal Tech Innovation Award

    Gemalto has taken home one of the most coveted technology prizes in Austin with its Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG) – the Tech Innovation Award for Hardware from the Austin Business Journal.

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  • Nov 18, 2008 | Best stock market performance by the 2008 BFM Awards

    Gemalto landed a prestigious prize at the 2008 BFM Awards ceremony, organized by BFM Radio, France’s leading business-oriented radio station. The ‘Best Stock Market Performance’ prize, awarded to Gemalto at a ceremony in Paris, recognizes the company’s strong financial performance over the past year.

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  • Nov 3, 2008 | Cartes 2008 - Sesame Best Software Award with Smart Card Web Mashups

    An innovative application model for smartcards based on Web mashup technologies and Java Card 3.0 web server.

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  • Sep 8 | Network Products Guide names Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian “Best Personal Portable Security Device”

    Smart Enterprise Guardian was named Best in the Personal Portable Security Devices category and a winner of a Network Products Guide 2008 Best Products and Services Award. The Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG) is a unique, multi-function personal USB network security device jointly developed by Gemalto and Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media.

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  • May 20 | Info Security Products Guide’s Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award for Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG)

    Silicon Valley-based Info Security Products Guide named Gemalto the winner in the Personal Portable Security Devices (PPSD) category. The SEG is a unique, multi-function USB device jointly developed by Gemalto and leading semiconductor solutions provider Lexar.

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  • Apr 2 | Network Products Guide "Hot Company" Finalist

    The editors of Network Products Guide ranked Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, among the world’s elite information security companies, naming it a "Hot Company” Finalist for 2008.
    "The Hot Company selection recognizes industry players that work to solve the critical information security problems that face every individual, enterprise or government using networks or the Internet," said Rake Narang, managing editor of Network Products Guide, published by Silicon Valley Communications.

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  • Nov 17 | Cartes 2007 - Sesame Best Software Award with SConnect

    SConnect is a platform and browser agnostic technology enabling web applications and services to connect to any smart card. Eliminating the need for middleware and working seamlessly with existing infrastructures, SConnect is a paradigm shift in Web-based service delivery that let applications leverage smart cards for security and personalization.

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  • Sep 24 | Info Security Products Guide named Gemalto’s Live Provisioning solution a double winner of 2007 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Awards, in both the Mid-Size Enterprise Security and Two-Factor Solution categories.

    Live Provisioning, native within the Protiva Strong Authentication solution, is an innovative user provisioning feature that offers enterprises end-to-end security that is easy to deploy. This Web-based system includes a Gemalto contactless reader that is used to securely communicate with the smart card-based strong authentication device and the server. Live Provisioning automatically generates the device ID, personalizes the device to the user, and binds the provisioned device to the data server and data directory through a secured link. With these tools, security administrators can now manage the entire lifecycle of a digital security device more conveniently and productively.

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  • May 22 | Info Security Products Guide named its Gemalto’s Protiva™ solution the winner of the 2007 Global Product Excellence in Digital Security - Customer Trust Award
    For this award, more than 18,000 end-users and prospective customers worldwide were invited to vote for the products that they trust the most when it comes to protecting their digital resources.

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  • Feb 8| TOP COM d'Or pour Gemalto Agence Interbrand au TOP COM Corporate Business 2007 - Section Design: catégorie « Création de Logo »

  • Feb 6 | Gemalto Named "Hot Company" 2007 by Info Security Products Guide

    Gemalto have earned it a spot among the elite "Hot Companies” for 2007 in the Info Security Products Guide, the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies. The Hot Companies selection recognizes industry players that provide end users with the most effective and deployable protective solutions against the next generation of highly sophisticated attacks.

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  • Nov 7 | Cartes 2006 - Sesames “Best Software of the Year” and the “Best IT Security Application of the Year” awards

    Gemalto Scoops 2 Sesames Awards with “IPv6 embedded stack” and “SIM Strong”.
    Implementation of an IPv6 communication stack in a smart card integrating a high-speed protocol communication interface

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  • May 22 | Gemalto is named "Hot Company" 2006 by Info Security Products Guide, February, 2006

    For this award, more than 18,000 end-users and prospective customers worldwide were invited to vote for the products that they trust the most when it comes to protecting their digital resources.
    Gemalto have earned it a spot among the elite "Hot Companies” for 2006 in the Info Security Products Guide, the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies. The Hot Companies selection recognizes industry players that provide end users with the most effective and deployable protective solutions against the next generation of highly sophisticated attacks.

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  • Aug 22 | Gemalto Wins Best Vendor Partner Award from MasterCard

    Gemalto won a “Best Vendor Partner Award” for its MasterCard® OneSmart™ PayPass™ EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) Contactless Combi Cards at the MasterCard Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa Product Forum in August 2006. Gemalto is delivering the cards to two of Taiwan’s leading banks: Cathay United Bank, one of the top three credit card issuing banks in Taiwan; and Taipei Fubon Bank, Taiwan’s second-largest privately owned bank.

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  • Avr 6 | Gemalto takes home Silver Prize at the EPCA/ECR Excellence in Payments Innovation Awards

    GemSense Instant Issuance wins award in the category for the most innovative and advanced Payments Software/Hardware Product

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  • Jan 12 | Gemalto wins ICMA award for Best Financial Card Design two years running
    (International Card Manufacturer’s Association)