São Paulo Corporate Run: Health and Fun!

24 employees represented Gemalto in one of the largest corporate sports events in Brazil.

Over 5000 employees from the biggest companies in Brazil gathered on Sunday August 11th to participate in the 9th edition of the São Paulo Corporate Run.
Gemalto employees from the São Paulo Sales office and the Barueri Perso Center combined their passion for running and team spirit to be part of this prestigious race, where they were able to network with others and share moments of fun. The 24 employees were split into 6 teams of 4. Five teams took part of the 5 km race while one team competed in the 10 km race.

Gemalto Singapore provides food bags for 630 unprivileged families
On 6 July 30 volunteers from manufacturing, business and R&D participated in Give-A-Gift 2013.

Give-A-Gift 2013 is a food donation for the underprivileged families in the Bukit Panjang Town and Northwest Districts in Singapore. This program was targeting 300 “needy” families, with very low income, or lonely old folks. This initiative, funded by Gemalto Your World program, was organized in conjunction with Bukit Panjang Community Center Youth Group and with many non-profit & charitable organizations in Singapore.

Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation: Pink Ribbon Walk 2013

On 28 September the employees participated in ‘Pink Ribbon Walk 2013’, a Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) signature awareness event.

The Pink Ribbon Walk has attracted over 5000 people and many corporates across ethnicity, age group and gender in participating.
The walk is held entirely for charity, and the main aim is to build awareness of breast cancer and support of breast cancer survivors and patients. As an annual campaign, it seeks to drive home the importance of a healthy lifestyle, showing solidarity with breast cancer survivors and helping to raise awareness for BCF’s mission to eradicate breast cancer as life-threatening disease.
Gemalto employees from the Singapore office, coming from the different departments – BU, Mfg & R&D combined their passion for the walk and team spirit to be part of this prestigious event, where they were able to network with others and share moments of fun. All of us were dressed in our Pinkest to share the theme and walk the talk for the cause!