Jobs and Skills

What do we do?

We help people make the most of the digital world, in whatever way they choose: communicating by mobile, banking online, using IT networks, accessing government web services, shopping online, commuting to work and so on.

How do we do it?

By creating operating systems, applications and software which we embed in a variety of secure personal devices. These we deliver to a wide range of blue-chip companies, and ensure they’re up to date as long as they’re out there.


  • R&D: software development, cryptography engineering, project management
  • Manufacturing : supply-chain, QHSE and process engineering, purchasing.
  • Platforms and services: integration engineering, project manager, services delivery engineer, support engineer.
  • Sales: sales, business development, technical consulting.
  • Marketing: field and product marketing
  • Support functions: financial control, internal auditing, legal advice, information technology/systems engineering, human resources.
  • Orlando

    Account Manager Financial Services, Bogotá, Colombia

    Orlando, born in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, moved to Bogotá when he was 15 where he went on to study Industrial Engineering at Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería. “I worked in sales and then banking before joining Gemalto in October 2009 as Account Manager Financial Services,” he explains.

    “I love my job because I get to meet a lot of people and I enjoy helping them out and solving their problems. I’m also very passionate about the products I sell – I find the technology fascinating,” Orlando explains. “Moreover, I work with a great team that I get along really well with and they give me a lot of support. Another reason is that I cover Ecuador and Peru as well as Colombia and I love to travel for business – I like to stay at home during my vacations,” he smiles.

    “The biggest challenge is the market here. I started up Gemalto’s Secure Transactions business in the region when I joined the company and the competition is very well established, very successful and very aggressive,” Orlando says. “But it’s very satisfying when you’re working for defined goals and you reach them and that’s what we’re doing, slowly but surely!”

  • Reena

    Field Marketing Manager Australia/New Zealand, Financial Services

    Reena is from Bangalore in India and has been working at Gemalto since 2000. “As a child, everything seemed possible – my ambitions kept changing with the movies I watched or the books I read or the heroes who inspired me,” she explains.

    Reena graduated in electronics engineering and started her career at Gemalto India as a software engineer. After a spell in Malaysia as Field Marketing Manager for several countries in Asia, she moved to Australia in January 2012 as Field Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “Sometime during all this, I also completed my master’s degree in science in business leadership,” she smiles.

    “Every day is unique. My job is to build and execute our business strategy for Australia and New Zealand together with the Country Manager. This involves supporting the sales team, liaising with the corporate product and other teams, and measuring and adapting our marketing mix into the business strategy and the wider regional objectives,” she explains.

    “We have a new and energetic team here and working with them, understanding them and bringing together our ideas while setting aside our differences to help establish Gemalto as the market leader is incredibly satisfying.”

  • Juan

    Software Engineer in Cryptography, Singapore

    Juan was born in the Philippines but moved to Singapore in 2006. “I worked in telecoms before joining Gemalto in 2010, when I began my current job as a software engineer supporting R&D teams in every Business Unit,” says Juan.

    “I belong to a team of software engineers that develops cryptography algorithms used in smart cards. These are used for protecting data on cards, such as credit on transportation cards and pin codes on credit cards for ensuring card authenticity; and for protecting data transfer between cards and card readers against eavesdroppers, amongst other applications,” he explains. “Sometimes we’re asked to develop new code or improve existing code to make the algorithm perform faster, to take up less space or make it more tamper-proof,” he adds.

    “It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and the team works together really well which makes work very enjoyable,” says Juan. “Sometimes it’s a challenge to manage multiple projects for different teams, but challenges can be fun, too!” 

  • Maria

    Developer, Monaco

    Russian by birth, Maria moved to France a few years ago and joined MCTel, a Gemalto company, where she develops new messaging solutions for telecoms. “We just completed a project to develop the WAP *gateway as part of an MMS center and we’re currently working on a new project involving an SMS center based on the SIP protocol,” she explains.

    “What I love most about my job is the team-work. I really like interacting with people to create new things together. I also enjoy the opportunities available to learn new skills and use new technology – I find that aspect of my work fascinating,” Maria says. “But each engineer also spends a week every two months providing nighttime technical support which is quite a challenge, particularly if you are outside your field of expertise,” she explains. As a non-native speaker, Maria found the French language quite a barrier when she first arrived in Monaco: “My English is good but I only started learning French in 2008 and even if people can speak English here, they won’t! In the start, that was quite a struggle but things are much easier now,” she smiles.

    * WAP = Wireless Application Protocol