Gemalto enables its clients to offer trusted digital services for billions of individuals and things


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Serving blue-chip organizations

We work with some of the world's biggest businesses and governments. Our solutions enable them to deliver a vast range of secure services based on two core technologies: authentication and protection. These include mobile identity, online banking, data encryption, transport ticketing, e-Government, vehicle telematics, software licensing and much more.

We do this by developing secure software which we embed in devices and objects to authenticate people and things and which also runs on platforms to protect data wherever it's found​.

Embedded software and products

Our embedded software and products include, for example, many kinds of payment cards, travel passes, hardware software licenses, employee IDs, embedded secure elements, M2M modules and national identity documents. We personalize these devices with the credentials of our clients and the identities of their customers across hundreds of networks.​



Platforms and services

Our platforms and services at the core of the network enable us to extend our reach to products in the field. Our hardware security modules encrypt data​ and protect it wherever it is on the network. Our platforms also remotely manage devices and objects to update the software they contain, as well as the services they make possible, throughout their life cycle.

These platforms and services enable, for example, personalization and issuance for payment cards, inter-bank fund transfers, border control, IoT service delivery, software monetization as well as the management of mobile devices and networks.

Gemalto's solutions at work

Thanks to our technology billions of digital interactions happen smoothly and safely every day. These videos show how we can make this happen in different aspects of daily life​.


  • Retail - Gemalto Smart Retail

    Consumers can collect loyalty points on their NFC smartphone, pay for goods in a contactless mode at cashier point or purchase concert tickets from posters in the street through their mobile wallet, using NFC tags or QR codes.

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  • Enterprise - Smart Enterprise

    Employees access corporate buildings using their NFC phones as a digital key and using Mobile ID solutions to sign legally binding contract from their mobile phone.

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  • Transport - Smart Travel

    Catch a glimpse at the future of travel with end users receiving their dematerialised Visa on their NFC smart phone to drag and drop it onto their electronic Passport through contactless technology!

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  • Connected Cars - Smart Cars

    Connected cars enable passengers to watch TV on demand on the back seat, offer bCall functionnalities to automatically call for repair services in the event of a breakdown and be automatically rerouted to avoid traffic jam.

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