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Trusted digital identities


We're world leader in protecting, verifying and managing digital identities and interactions. This enables our clients to offer personal mobile services, payment security, authenticated cloud access, software monetization, data encryption, machine-to-machine applications and many other services.

The solutions which enable these services are built to protect both ends of the network; at the edge in the form of secure software and devices, and at the core to manage the data they hold and exchange. Our ability to do this is founded on our expertise in security processes, software and cryptography.

We develop and install secure software in diverse products (SIMs, payment cards, eID documents etc.) used to access digital services. Our platforms and services continuously monitor and manage these devices, checking identities,managing transactions and protecting the data they transmit and store.​

What we offer

We secure digital services by offering a seamless chain of software, products, platforms and services both at the edge and the core of the network.

The solutions we develop enable our clients to deliver a vast range of secure services in mobile, payment, identity and more. See how our products and services are used in billions of people's digital lives.

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Embedded software and products


At the heart of our business is the development of software which we configure and embed in a multitude of different devices and form factors. These secure operating systems and applications facilitate access by billions of end-users to a widening range of digital applications and services.

Our embedded software and products protecting the edge of the network include, for example, many kinds of payment cards, travel passes, password generators, employee IDs, machine identification modules (MIM), and secure ID documents including ePassports, eID and eHealth cards as well as eDriving licenses. We personalize these devices with the credentials of our clients and the identities of their customers across hundreds of networks.


Platforms and services

Our platforms and services at the core of the network enable us to extend our reach to products in the field and secure data exchanges. This means we can manage the software and protect the confidential data they contain, as well as the services they make possible, throughout their life cycle.

These platforms and services enable, for example, personalization and issuance for payment cards, inter-bank fund transfers, , border control, M2M service delivery, software monetization as well as the management of mobile devices and networks.​

Gemalto's solutions at work

Billions of people enjoy the convenience of our solutions every day​. These videos show our technology working behind the scenes to ensure digital services are secure and easy to use.

  • eGovernment Services

    National identity cards are increasingly multi-purpose and can be delivered in the form of a traditional ID card or as a mobile ID.

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  • Payment Card Replacement

    If someone is traveling and they lose their credit or debit card or have it stolen we can ship them a new one in less than 1 day.

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  • eBanking

    Our Ezio Suite for online banking replaces static passwords with a wide range of authentication software & devices - These are designed to mitigate the most advanced fraud attacks.

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  • Mobile Wallets

    Mobile wallets allow consumers to use their mobile phones for in-store payment, transport ticketing, loyalty and more. Our platforms load these applications into secure NFC SIM cards to create multi-purpose digital wallets for consumers.

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