Gemalto’s Technical Advisors

  • Jean-Paul Caruana

    Contactless technology for payment cards and ePassports

    Contactless technology is already revolutionizing key applications like payment, transport and eGovernment. From antenna integration in very tight environments to silicon design, Jean-Paul has the longest track record in the industry with regards to technologies for contactless smart cards and ePassport inlays.

  • Jean-Christophe Fidalgo

    Production technology, contactless and high-memory UICC

    Jean-Christophe joined Gemalto in 1990 – and ever since then he's been enjoying the challenge of turning prototypes into manufacturing processes capable of delivering billions of high quality products every year.

  • Ksheerabdhi Krishna

    Java card, .net smart card, middleware and secure OS

    Digital Security is increasingly a software business – and since 1996 Ksheerabdhi has been driving that development at Gemalto, being a leading light in all major security software architectures used in smart cards.

  • Joseph Leibenguth

    Production technology, secure printing and advanced materials

    Gemalto produces more than 1.6 billion secure, personal devices every year – some 50 objects every second – and in that context, smart production technology brings immense value for managing quality, cost and throughput: all of which are crucial for the success of Gemalto's customers.

  • Alain Rhelimi

    SiShell, eGate, SWP (Single Wire Protocol), eGo

    Alain has nearly thirty years' experience in electronic design for secure applications in the fields of smart cards, terminals, contactless technologies and, more recently, intra-body communication.