Strategic directions

Digital Security is a vast field that’s widening all the time. Amongst the array of options for our R&D activities, Gemalto has chosen to focus on three main domains:

1. Cloud computing security:

  • Security in Cloud infrastructures, software and services
  • Online identities and anonymity
  • Security of public could-based based sharing services
  • Applications leveraging cloud infrastructures

Cloud Computing represents a new architecture for software and services. No longer do application software and user data have to be installed or stored locally on the user's system (Client software). Now, they can be accessed remotely from a remote data center via the internet. Cloud computing brings an added value to collaborative projects (shared data) and customers using multiple devices with the same applications and data. Nevertheless, many people have security concerns about keeping their personal data in the cloud, especially knowing that most Cloud App providers simply use username/password for access control. Gemalto is already offering stronger authentication mechanisms (2FA) to reduce phishing attacks on cloud users’ information.

2. Smart cities/smart energy:

  • Smart metering /smart grid
  • Electric vehicles and their infrastructure

The growth of large megalopolises is creating several challenges, one of which relates to the management of power supplies, particularly electricity. Part of the solution lies in smart grid projects which aim to optimize energy distribution and usage – helping transform these vast urban areas into "Smart Cities". Gemalto is working on smart meters for electrical utilities that will better manage distribution as well as integrate new services such as the management of Photo-Voltaic arrays. The network of electrically charged poles for electric vehicles also needs to be managed efficiently. Last but not least, Smart Cities are also heavy consumers of big data and which needs to be consolidated in order to facilitate citizens’ services.

3. Seamless Personal Transactions:

  • Evolution of digital security interactions via multiple interfaces
  • New form factors for the management of digital credentials (e.g. eGo)

    eGo is a revolutionary technology invented by Gemalto and now used by many partners in the European Catrene project, part of Eureka. eGo is a digital wallet embedded into a wearable device that can be located anywhere on the user, for example in his/her clothes. When wearing eGo, the user simply touches an eGo proxy device which digitally connects the wallet to the device. Once this through-the-body connection is established, a fast wireless network connection is established from the eGo wallet to the eGo proxy, enabling a wide range of services such as payment, transport, physical access and so on.