Digital stories around the world


  • Brazil: E-Finance - Who needs cash?

    How digital technology has worked its way into every aspect of Brazilians’ financial lives.

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  • Brazil: All eyes on RIC

    Brazil’s new biometric ID card is one of the world’s most technologically advanced eIDs.

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  • Brazil: Closing the digital equality gap

    Brazil’s changing class system – and how they’re all getting online

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  • How sports got the samba nation moving

    5 minutes with Massayuki Fujimoto, CEO of Paggo

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  • African adventures in Technology

    How digital technology is solving some of Africa’s most pressing problems

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  • A summer visit : Life in e-Estonia

    Sustainable development in the digital society: a mindset.

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  • Turkey Ancient & Modern

    Turkey may be one of the cradles of civilization, but it’s also a hotbed of digital innovation – especially in the area of payment technology

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