What is a multiple application card?

A multiple application card is a smart card that can support different types of applications on the card itself thereby reducing the number of cards in the wallet. For example, the chip on Blue from American Express currently offers two applications: extra security when shopping online using a PC smart card reader and online wallet, and a ticketing application that verifies a Cardmember’s ticket order. Blue uses a multiple application operating system and American Express plans to add other applications to the card’s smart chip.

Added value with multiple applications

Meanwhile, Visa’s multiple application card strategy is based on providing applications that add value to Visa’s core credit and debit payment products. A key component to Visa’s multi-application offering is the flexible Open Platform technology. In addition to providing added application security through the use of ‘firewalls’ on the chip, the Open Platform allows for downloading new applications to the chip, without having to reissue the card.

Campus solutions

Another multi-application program was conducted at Florida State University where 40,000 smart cards were deployed, which featured students’ personal identification, dormitory security, banking, and a wide range of stored value functions for the purpose of food, payphone, photocopying, transportation and vending services