Sustainable approaches to digital security


Sustainability is part of Gemalto’s vision and dedication. What we are doing is of increasing importance to people everywhere, who are going more and more digital and mobile. So the need for our solutions is clearly set to continue far into the future, and we are determined to do it right – making a positive contribution to societies everywhere around the world.

  • Our approach to sustainability

    Sustainability is a fundamental part of the solutions we offer and the
    way we work.

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  • Supporting our customers

    Our clients recognize Gemalto as a highly innovative company, helping
    them adapt to a rapidly changing digital world.

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  • Reducing our environmental impact

    We’re always working to reduce the impact of our operations, creating efficiencies, generating savings and sharing the benefits with our customers.

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  • Valuing our people

    Our employees’ wellbeing and development are paramount. By looking
    after them as best we can, we’re also helping meet Gemalto’s future needs.

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  • Managing our business responsibility

    For Gemalto, good governance and strong business ethics are
    fundamental to the trust at the heart of our activity.

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Sustainability case studies

  • Coop Bank Denmark first to deploy Gemalto's unique bio-sourced contactless EMV cards​​​​

  • Improving maternal and child health and nutrition in Africa​
  • ​​Carbon offset service - Tisseo France​
  • Your World, Gemalto's community program

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