Business and customers

​​​​​​​​We're constantly developing our business in line with our customers' evolving needs - working with them over the long-term to develop secure and innovative solutions for their end-users.


Data security

Our approach to security​ encompasses both our own data and that of our customers. We focus on the physical security of our premises and the logical security of data. We constantly review our management systems and technologies to maintain their effectiveness against an increasing range of threats facing the digital world.

Our customers

Every year, we commission a customer listening program, the 'Tell Me' survey. This includes interviews with customers who rate their satisfaction with various aspects of our business and provide feedback on their vision and challenges. 


We have over 3,000 engineers based in 27 research and software development centers. With their expertise and dedication we submit a large number of patent applications for new innovations every year. We also encourage all employees to submit their ideas and suggestions through the Business Innovation Garage.  

Our central market research team examines consumer topics of compelling interest to our customers. In 2015, Gemalto's Ideas Hub – an online community gathering of UK and US consumers – engaged in some 180 conversations and generated 20,000 consumer comments relating to new concepts and insights.

Managing our business

Risk management is one of our core responsibilities. We have robust crisis management and business continuity response plans in place, supported by over 130 crisis management leaders worldwide.

Our supply chain

We work closely with our suppliers to create a high-quality, reliable supply chain that meets our high ethical standards. In 2015, we carried out 23 audits around the world to improve supplier performance, with a focus on subcontractors and sensitive activities.​