Eco-friendly products

​​Gemalto has a long-standing portfolio of eco-friendly products for  banking, mobile​ and government customers worldwide. This was recently expanded, further reducing environmental impact in three key areas:

Reducing hazardous substances

Gemalto actively seeks ways to reduce the use and disposal of hazardous substances during production, e.g.:

  • In our advanced Card Center in Pennsylvania, US, we succeeded in eliminating ink jets by replacing them with laser inscription.
  • We are treating and recycling rags which were previously discarded in the process of cleaning manufacturing equipment.
  • We are increasing the use of vegetable-based inks in the printing process.


Using chlorine-free materials

In 1997 Gemalto began to move to non-chlorine polymers resulting in the majority of our current products being chlorine free. These include:

  • PETG(*) based products: a chlorine-free alternative to PVC, PETG can be incinerated without creating harmful gases or air pollution.
  • ABS molded cards: these are PVC free and significantly reduce the amount of waste during production.
  • PC TWIN Reader: the first smart card reader which satisfies eco-design criteria, anticipates legal requirements on hazardous substances and is easier to recycle.
  • Small form factor cards: which reduce the amount of material required in production.

(*) Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol.

Promoting renewable and recycled materials

Gemalto actively promotes renewable and recycled materials, reducing the overall environmental footprint of our production processes, e.g.:

  • Polylactic Acid (PLA) card: a new bio-sourced material which is easily recyclable and compostable.
  • Paper-based materials for short-term use, such as scratch cards.
  • ECOPack: eco-friendly packaging made of 100% recyclable materials for our fulfillment services.
  • Recycling production waste to make boat masts.
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