Valuing our people


Photo: Encouraging employees to share their vision of their role within the Company

Our Human Resources strategy

Gemalto is built on the ingenuity of its people. So our HR policies are critical to the long-term success of the Company. By creating a highly reputable organization with a strong ethical foundation and a culture of innovation, we attract and retain talented people.

We also believe that by being in line with our people’s personal values and aspirations, we can create a working environment where we can all thrive and feel we belong in a company that provides more than a day job.

Our priorities

Our overall approach to managing our Human Resources is based on our ‘8 Pillars’ which put our people at the heart of our Company’s future development. In fact, the ‘8 Pillars’ are the foundation on which everything else is built: not only do they serve our employees’ needs, but they also support our business objectives.

Learning and development

Because the digital world is evolving rapidly, one of our most important HR objectives is to invest in our people to grow their skills in the relevant areas. So each year we invest 2% of our total salary costs in training, offering a wide range of courses and other schemes.

Diversity and employee engagement

We try to recruit employees with a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds, and always aim to be fair and inclusive in our recruitment and promotion processes. Women represented 32% of new exempt recruits in 2014, and we aim to encourage the promotion of women to more senior management positions.

Our annual employee survey tracks satisfaction across the Company. Each year, we use the results to make improvements for the year ahead. We design these to meet employees’ expectations, in particular aiming for areas where survey scores are lower.

A safe place to work

We aim to provide a safe environment for all our employees and visitors. We ensure continuous improvement through our Human Resources and Health and Safety management systems. And we use OHSAS 18001 to gain external assurance.

Supporting our employees’ charitable activities

Gemalto aims to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Our employees often live close to the sites where they work, forming part of the local community.

We therefore help them to support local environmental and humanitarian activities through our Your World program.

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