​​​​​ Our peopleBeing the leader in Digital Security – and a business inspired by innovation – the way we manage and develop our people is critical to our future growth. Our strong ethical foundation helps us to attract and retain the most talented recruits.

Our approach to human resources

Our approach to managing Human Resources is based on '8 Pillars' that place people at the heart of our business: management by objectives; ethics and community; mobility; training; recruitment; compensation and benefits; promotion from within; and diversity.

Attracting the best people

Global competition in our industry is fierce. We must attract the best people who are capable of developing new ideas for our customers. We have an ambitious talent acquisition strategy and, in 2015, we recruited over 2,000 people, some 36% of whom were women.

Developing our people

We depend on our employees to respond quickly to new technological challenges and developments.  Our cutting-edge training opportunities range from the 'Gemalto University' - our global leadership development program - to a new eLearning platform, through which some 800 people completed 3,320 certifications in 2015.

Looking after our people

The safety and wellbeing of our employees plays a vital role in the performance of our business. In 2015, our annual 'HR & Me' day included a key focus on wellbeing. We prioritize four key areas to reduce safety risks: commuting and business travel; production equipment; ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD); and hazardous substances, compounds and chemicals used in production.

Respecting our people

We encourage the recruitment of women and their development  into senior management positions. As of January 2015, two of our eight Senior Management team members and three of our 11 Board members were women 600 women are registered in our internal professional network, 'Connected Women'.