Reducing our environmental impact


Photo: Offering our customers a carbon offset service (see case study)

Managing our environmental impacts

There are three main elements to the management of our environmental impacts. These also address our customers’ growing requests for details of our performance in this area:
- ISO 14001 international certification
- Compliance with national and international regulations
- Manufacturing processes and the traceability of our supply chain.

Our carbon footprint program

Our carbon footprint program was launched in 2009 to help monitor and reduce the carbon emissions arising from our operations. We measured the six greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions covered by the Kyoto protocol relevant to our activities, looking at energy and refrigerant gas consumption, incoming materials and services, incoming and outgoing freight, waste generation, and business travel for both commuters and visitors.

Having this clear overview has helped us to tackle the main sources of our emissions through a range of action plans. We also launched a carbon offset program, providing an easy solution for customers to offset the carbon emissions linked to their products.

Energy and transport

Our main energy needs are for the electricity and gas used for air-conditioning and heating installations in all our sites and for powering machinery in our manufacturing sites. Reducing our environmental impact – and costs – by lowering consumption has long been a key objective. Some of our sites have been ISO 14001 certified for a decade.

Transport represents around 12% of Gemalto’s global carbon footprint. Our policy is to promote low-emission modes of transport as much as possible.

Water and waste

Our policy is to continuously reduce its water consumption companywide by at least 5% a year to reduce all waste by 5% per year and to achieve a 75% valorization rate.

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