Sustainability case studies

  • Carbon offset service

    From trams in Toulouse , France
    In 2013, Tisséo, a public transport operator in Toulouse (France), signed up to our carbon offset service when they chose our contactless ticket cards.In doing so, they paid one additional cent per card to ‘CO2 Solidaire’.

    …to kitchens in Cambodia
    Our partner supports projects that aim to improve people’s living conditions while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In Tisséo’s case, they help fund the distribution in Cambodia of cooking stoves using 20% less wood.

    Reducing CO2 emissions, increasing health
    In many developing countries, people use inefficient stoves for cooking and heating, thus polluting their homes. As a result many women and children suffer from respiratory diseases. By using less wood, deforestation can be reduced, CO2 emissions lowered, and hard work alleviated. And by reducing toxic fumes, domestic health can be improved.

  • First bio-sourced payment cards in the Middle east

    In 2013, Byblos Bank, one of Lebanon’s top three banks, selected Gemalto to supply bio-sourced banking cards – a first in the Middle East.

    Authorized by MasterCard and Visa, the cards use renewable materials that are easily recyclable and compostable. Furthermore, their environmental credentials have been achieved without compromising security or durability.

    Doing this underlines our strategic vision regarding the environmental impact of our policies, products and initiatives,” says Byblos’ Assistant General Manager, Gilbert Zouein. “Gemalto was the only supplier in the market able to fulfill our green ambitions and meet our exacting standards for both environmental protection and customer service.”.

  • High-speed, low-energy contactless technology

    In 2013, one of our leading R&D engineers, Jean-Paul Caruana, received a prize from the French National Research Agency for his ‘F@CIL’ project. The innovation enables high-speed, low-energy interactions in the fast-growing field of contactless transactions between smart cards and readers, with applications in, for example, payment, transport and ePassports.

    As a result, six patents were applied for with a view to deploying the technology worldwide..

  • Your World, Gemalto’s community program supporting the underprivileged in Singapore

    On 6 July 2013, 30 volunteers from manufacturing, business and R&D participated in Give-A-Gift 2013.

    Give-A-Gift 2013 is a food donation for the underprivileged families in the Bukit Panjang Town and Northwest Districts in Singapore. This program was targeting 300 “needy” families, with very low income, or lonely old folks. This initiative, funded by Gemalto Your World program, was organized in conjunction with Bukit Panjang Community Center Youth Group and with many non-profit & charitable organizations in Singapore.
    “Your World” is Gemalto’s global program encouraging voluntary social initiatives by our employees. In 2013, 71 Your World projects, involving more than 440 employees, were funded.