Gemalto Case Studies


  • The PeopleQuest process

    Each year, the PeopleQuest employee engagement survey is deployed for a designated two-week period. All Gemalto employees in every site around the world are invited to participate in the online survey consisting of 36 questions...

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  • Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    With climate change come new challenges for individuals, communities and global companies like Gemalto. As part of our leadership commitment to sustainability, it is crucial that we monitor and reduce the carbon emissions...

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  • Life-Cycle Assessment and Eco-Design

    Life-Cycle Assessment and Eco-Design

    Life-Cycle Assessment, or LCA, is a method of quantifying the environmental impact of products. Underpinned by ISO 14040–44 certification, LCA can be used to inform decision making, identify and develop low-impact procedures...

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  • Award-winning innovation

    Award-winning innovation

    In 2011 Gemalto won the prestigious BearingPoint Innovation Management award (“Agile Innovation”) for our “BIG” (Business Innovation Garage) thinktank initiative.

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  • Suppliers self-assessment questionnaire

    Suppliers self-assessment questionnaire

    As part of our efforts to improve the way we procure goods and services, in 2010 we introduced a Responsible Purchasing Model and conducted a procurement risk analysis.

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  • E-Government


    Over the last decade, Gemalto has contributed to the modernization of state infrastructure, technology and processes in countries around the world.

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  • “Your World” in Latin America

    “Your World” in Latin America

    “Your World” is Gemalto’s global program encouraging voluntary social initiatives by our employees.

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  • Gemalto Sustainable Development Day

    Gemalto Sustainable Development Day

    Engaging employees with relevant issues and actions is a key part of our approach to sustainability. This is why, in 2008, we introduced a company-wide Gemalto Sustainable Development Day (GSDD)

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  • Crisis Management

    Crisis Management

    Our Crisis Management Framework enables us to respond to unforeseen events and minimize their impact on people’s health and wellbeing.


  • Responsible purchasing CSR Charter

    Responsible purchasing CSR Charter

    Our new Responsible Purchasing Model and program is fully in line with Gemalto’s support of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

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  • Promoting safe and responsible driving

    Promoting safe and responsible driving

    As part of its commitment to health and safety, Gemalto has introduced a Defensive Driving program for employees.

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  • Carbon footprint

    Carbon footprint

    With climate change come new challenges for individuals, communities and global companies like Gemalto

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  • Your world team

    Your world team

    Since the launch of Your World two years ago, more and more employees have applied for project funding in groups.

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  • Tell Me 2010

    Tell Me 2010

    As part of our Tell Me program, each year we meet with around 200 customers – involving over 400 people.

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