Corporate Governance and Economic Factors

Conducting our business with integrity

Gemalto conducts its business with honesty and integrity: this is the basis of our reputation and a core company asset. Our principles are shaped by codes and charters which form the ethical backbone of our management practices, and our commitment to corporate social responsibility runs right through the company.

Sustainability management, standards and policies

We believe strongly in bringing our business and sustainability objectives into close alignment. With this in mind, our Board plays an active role in sustainability management at Gemalto. The Board believes that good corporate governance contributes to our long-term success, and agrees with the general approach and the majority of the provisions set out in the Dutch corporate governance code.

In order to ensure our commitments are widely disseminated and endorsed throughout the company, we ask all employees - including new recruits - to sign our Code of Ethics, which sets high ethical and professional standards to help guide our corporate activities. We also have a range of policies and programs in place to tackle Fraud, bribery and corruption, with a procedure for 'Whistle blowing' to help discourage any improper internal conduct.

Audits and assessments

Auditing is another essential aspect of our governance procedures. In our supply chain, we carry out CSR audits to verify that suppliers are not infringing any codes or practices. And we regularly audit and assess our internal risk management systems to ensure there are no threats to our operational security, integrity or continuity.

A culture of responsibility and trust

We also recognize that no business is immune to crisis. Accordingly, we have devised a Crisis Management Framework to help us deal with situations that may impact customer business. These measures, combined with our security policies and processes, and our robust financial controls, have helped to create the culture of responsibility and trust that defines and enhances our governance profile.

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