Supporting our customers

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Photo: Delivering our bio-sourced cards to our customers

Creating confidence

We value our customers very highly. And we do everything we can to foster constructive, durable relationships with them – focusing on their needs, living up to our promises and encouraging their feedback.

Innovating for our clients’ futures

Innovation is one of Gemalto’s three core values. It’s at the heart of what we do and an essential element in developing a successful business for our clients and for ourselves. As a result, we’re constantly innovating so we can deliver solutions that meet our customers’ expanding demands, respond to the opportunities of the digital age, enhance security and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Delivering responsible solutions

As a leader in digital security, our solutions touch billions of people’s daily lives. Our technologies enable them to have confidence in the applications offered by their service providers – our customers – through the work we do behind the scenes in securing their identities and assets.

In addition, some of our solutions have wider social benefits beyond their immediate use, particularly in areas such as safety, carbon saving, health and welfare systems, and financial inclusion.

Offering eco-design products

As part of our activity we produce and assemble smart banking and ID cards, SIM cards, USB tokens, readers and other personalized devices. Our strategy is to develop a range of products that have a lower environmental impact by using less material, and derive from alternative materials. To this end we are using lifecycle assessments and carbon footprint measuring tools.

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