Society and community

​​​​Society and communityOur solutions touch billions of people's lives every day, giving them confidence in the solutions offered by their service providers. This involves processing large amounts of personal data so we have developed highly sophisticated controls to ensure its privacy. Many of our solutions have wider social benefits in areas such as financial inclusion, health, welfare and safety.

Data privacy and confidentiality

In using our solutions, our clients often ask us to process large amounts of data relating to their end-users. We believe it is vital we secure our services and adhere to the most stringent and recognized data privacy regulations around the world. With our deep, accumulated experience we are launching a revised Internal Data Protection Policy to provide an even stronger foundation for the way we process personal data across the Gemalto Group.

Solutions with a special purpose

Many of our solutions have wider social benefits beyond their immediate use – such as allowing financial inclusion, providing remote health monitoring capabilities, and supporting the deployment of renewable energy in developing countries.

Working with communities

In 2015, Gemalto supported a diverse range of 73 'Your World' community projects involving more than 1,300 employees.
See examples of our community projects here​.​