General Terms & Conditions

​​​​​​Products and related services provided by Gemalto are governed by the following General Sales Terms and Conditions.

Data Processing Terms for In House solutions (English, Spanish and French versions)

Data Processing Terms for Managed Services (English, Spanish and French​ versions).

Gemalto OY (Finland) : Finnish and English​ version,

Gemalto GmbH (Germany)  : German and English version​

Gemalto SPA (Italy) : Italian version

Gemalto LLC (Russia) : English and Russian version

Gemalto SP SA (Spain) : Spanish version

Gemalto Southern Africa: English​ version​​​​​

Gemalto FZ LLC  (Middle East): English version​​

Gemalto Inc (USA): English version ​​​​

Gemalto Canada: English​ version​

Gemalto AB (Sweden) : English version

Gemalto FranceEngl​​ish and French​ version

Gemalto UK : Eng​lish version

Gemalto PolandEnglish and Polish version

Gemalto Argentina Spanish version

Gemalto Brasil  : Portuguese version

Gemalto Chile : Spanish version

Gemalto Colombia : Spanish​ version

Gemalto Mexico : Spanish version​​

Gemalto China: Chinese/English​ version

Gemalto Danmark AS: English version

Gemalto BV​: ​English​​ version

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