Sales Terms & Conditions

​​​​​​​Products and related services provided by Gemalto are governed by the following General Sales Terms and Conditions.

Gemalto OY (Finland) : Finnish and English​ version,

Gemalto GmbH (Germany)  : German and English version​

Gemalto SPA (Italy) : Italian version

Gemalto LLC (Russia) : English and Russian version

Gemalto SP SA (Spain) : Spanish version

Gemalto Southern Africa: English​ version​​​​​

Gemalto FZ LLC  (Middle East): English version​​

Gemalto Inc (USA): English version ​​​​

Gemalto Canada: English​  and French​ version​

Gemalto AB (Sweden) : English version

Gemalto FranceEngl​​ish and French​ version

Gemalto UK : Eng​lish version

Gemalto PolandEnglish and Polish version

Gemalto Argentina Spanish version

Gemalto Brasil  : Portuguese version

Gemalto Chile : Spanish version

Gemalto Colombia : Spanish​ version

Gemalto Mexico : Spanish version​​

Gemalto China: Chinese/English​ version

Gemalto Danmark AS: English version

Gemalto BV​: ​English​​ version

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