Notes from the field

​​​Our DDL development and project management teams are working hard in coordination with NIST and the project champions in each of the four jurisdictions to get the pilot stages underway. Check back often for updates on current action items and to read about specific happenings as we move through the DDL pilot development and implementation process.​

Colorado Workshop Hi​​ghlights

By Tiffany ​​Conway, February 6,  2017

​Colorado continued to push their project forward at their workshop, exploring the details of the current phase one pilot plans, as well as future use cases of the DDL. 
This workshop brought together the pilot sponsors, as well as the liquor, gaming, and lottery control boards. These stakeholders worked together to establish the foundation for how the DDL pilot will run in each of their respective areas. 

Colorado DDL Pilot

Maryland & District of Columbia Workshop Highlights

By Tiffany Conway, January 25, 2017​

Things are really starting to take shape with the progress made at the joint Maryland and DC workshop, held at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration headquarters. 
Participants from both jurisdictions and NIST joined law enforcement personnel and TSA to start discussing the ins and outs of how the pilot implementation of test use cases will be orchestrated. 

Additionally, r​​​​epresentatives from the Maryland state liquor board were present to discuss implications for the purchase of age-restricted goods. Marketing and communications strategies were also more clearly defined, relative to specific local considerations.


Join​t Jurisdiction Kickoff Highlights

By Tiffany Conway, December 5, 2016​

The initial pilot kick​​off meeting brought our four jurisdiction partners together for the first time in the beautiful city of Austin, TX. The main purpose of the kickoff was to provide a solid understanding of the DDL solution, ecosystem, use cases and pilot details. Our goal was to empower the jurisdiction sponsors to become confident ambassadors with a strong vision for the pilot.

DDL Pilot Kickoff Participants
With many topics to cover in just a short amount of time, we packed as much into the day as possible. Starting with an in-depth look at the DDL demo, we walked through each aspect of the verification scenarios and discussed in detail the various considerations for each jurisdiction. Next we jumped into a bit of the technical detail of how the DDL solution itself works. 

Later t​hat day, we switched gears to talk about marketing and communication surrounding the pilot. We explored various strategies and ideas to support the jurisdictions in maximizing the impact of the pilot. We thought of ways to see measurable results and a strong benefit from the pilot at the local level. 

To further drive this strategy definition, we conducted a “DDL Think Tank” to brainstorm together and establish a framework for next steps for each jurisdiction. 
DDL Pilot Kickoff Participants
The kickoff concluded with a mock “Quick Fire Q&A Session” that put each of our participants in the hot seat to answer some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the DDL. Everyone did a great job flexing their DDL Champion muscles and showing us everything they had learned throughout the day!