Digital Driver’s License

​​​​​​​​​Digital driver's licenses (DDL) are a highly secure way to deliver, store and manage the lifecycle of a driver's license on a smartphone.​

Digital driver's license (DDL)

Gemalto is partnering with four jurisdictions (Colorado, Idaho, Maryland and Washington DC) to pilot a secure digital driver's license solution in an initiative sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This cross-state collaborative effort to introduce a government issued digital driver's license is the first of its kind and will be a tremendous advancement in this developing technology.

Take a look at the pilot project page to see the latest updates, key findings and more information about this exciting initiative in the mobile identity sector.​

New Maryland driver’s license  

Gemalto is partnering with Colorad​​o, Idaho, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

The Digital Driver’s Licenses (DDL) pilot will involve stakeholders like law enforcement, TSA, banks and retailers.


​Our digital driver's license or mobile driving license allows a citizen to carry a highly secure version of their driver's license on a mobile device. The digital license would maintain the visuality and contain all of the same information found on a traditional plastic license, but with added high-tech security features available only through digital technology.

Not only does Gemalto deliver a convenient and secure technology for citizens, but also a complete infrastructure to ensure security, privacy and integrity of data from enrollment to the in-field verification process.


For the DMV, issuing a digital ID as a complement to a traditional plastic driver's license is as easy as clicking a button. If the applicant checks the box for a digital license, the DMV agent will pair the applicant's phone and their profile on the DMV system. The user can then download his or her license through the secure smart phone application. The data will be encrypted and securely retrieved from the DMV backend.


The Gemalto digital driver's license provides the highest level of security in both credential storage, data transmission, and verification. Not only does a digital credential bring new layers of security, such as PIN or fingerprint verification, it is also much more difficult to fraudulently duplicate or alter. Because it is verified with the DMV backend in real-time, a fraudulent credential would quickly and easily be identified as invalid. This makes verifying even out-of-state credentials significantly easier and more secure. Additionally, if a user's mobile device is ever lost or stolen, the digital license could be remotely deactivated or wiped almost instantly.​


As with traditional driver's license, all citizen data and PII is originated, managed and owned by the issuing government entity. Unlike a traditional driver's license card, a digital driver's license never needs to leave the owner's hands. An officer or person verifying the credential in the field will have access to advanced real-time authentication through another version of the application on an authentication device – either another smart-phone or a reader. To comply with PII policy, no footprint is left on the verification device and no geo-location tagging or tracking of user information occurs.​

Trusted Data Management

With a digital license, a jurisdiction can have much greater control over in-field credentials compared to a traditional plastic licensed. For example, a license holder could be alerted when his or her credential is about to expire. Citizens could also update their address or other personal information directly through the app instead of visiting a branch office, saving valuable DMV resources and citizens' time. As always, the control of the information remains with the issuing entity, but providing a digital credential enables new, more efficient and more secure ways of ensuring that information is accurate and up-to-date.​


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