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Catch the contact​less wave​​​

By 2019 50 percent of cards shipped in the US will be contactless.The new chip cards introduced to the U.S. market in 2015 have been extremely effective at preventing card cloning and making in-store fraud more difficult. 

However, they have also created a new problem for shoppers; the chip transaction feels considerably slower than a magnetic-stripe swipe, frustrating consumers and merchants alike. 

​Contactless ​EMV cards, which harness all the security of EMV, delight customers with a much faster ‘tap-and-go’ experience. Contactless cards, also termed Dual Interface, have a specialized chip and an antenna built-in, which allow you to pay by waving the card in front of the reader. 

Innovative issuers have begun to ride the wave in a race to be the first to capitalize on the customer appeal and the increased revenues generated by tap-and-go transactions.

Learn more about Contactless EMV​​​

  • Contactless EMV Payments

    Combine convenience with the security of EMV, with contactless cards and mobile payment. Improve customer satisfaction, increase spend and pave the way for digital innovation.

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​​All About EMV

Discover the benefits of EMV for issuers and consumers and explore the security features provided by chip cards​.

Download our infographic: Gemalto explains chip-based payments

Increased Security 

The smart chip embedded in each EMV card adds layers of security that go far beyond what magnetic-stripe cards can offer. Each EMV transaction is protected with advanced cryptography and a numeric code that changes for each transaction.


EMV has become the global standard for securing payment cards, because time and again it has been shown to reduce counterfeit card fraud. See how fraud in the UK and Canada was affected by EMV over time.


'Tap-and-Go' speedy checkout is made possible by Contactless EMV, a secure and fast way of making payments with a wave of your card, mobile phone or wearable. Thanks to the security of Contactless EMV, no signature is required under $50.


Contactless EMV cards deliver strong wins for issuers by increasing customer retention, lifting spend, converting cash transactions and consistently driving top-of-wallet preference. Contactless on mobile and wearables creates new revenue generation opportunities.


Which EMV will you deploy?

Credit, debit, prepaid, and contactless cards, as well as mobile payments – all of these are now being secured with EMV.
Your payment strategies can be brought to life on any channel. Our wide network of manufacturing and personalization facilities can help.


Contact EMV cards are often the first channel on which your EMV program will be built, and they are necessary to meet the requirements of the Fraud Liability Shift.
With decades of expertise in deploying EMV card solutions, we can walk you through the considerations that card issuers face in managing an EMV program.


Contactless cards allow customers to tap their card against a payment terminal, even if the card is still inside a wallet, for the fastest and most convenient transactions to date.

The latest generation of contactless cards harnesses the security of EMV, offering an ultra-fast way to pay that is safer than ever before.


For mobile payments that require the highest security combined with the convenience of a quick tap and pay, Mobile EMV allows you to load a customer's account credentials directly onto a mobile phone.​​​​​

Why Gemalto?

For financial institutions looking for more than a card provider, we become a trusted partner, helping to navigate the twists and turns of EMV migration projects.



On-Demand Webinar

The Payments Landscape Beyond the Migration​ 

With October 1 now in our rearview mirror, the migration to chip-based payments in the U.S. is fully upon us. The market shift ​is happening; so it begs the question – ​What’s next? Our new webinar covers w​​​​hat U.S. banks and merchants need to know about EMV and beyond.

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