EMV and Beyond: Offer your cardholders innovation beyond the chip

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The U.S. market has shifted​​ to EMV


​ source: MasterCard & Smart Payments Association

The chip is h​​ere.  What's next?

As chip card security becomes more ubi​qu​itous in the market, simply having an EMV chip will no longer be a distinguishing factor for your card.  Incorporating new features into your card design can help you stand out from the competition and keep your card top-of-wallet.

Set your cards apart​


​​It's a great time for fresh card design features.  Our latest designs incorporate a chip into any card landscape can be made contactless.  Swipe to learn more.  

Transparent / Translucent cards

Highlight your favorite portions of the card design with a transparent core; or for a truly unique look, make your card entirely translucent.

Let your cardholders design their own card

Allow a cardholder to design their own card, either by uploading a personal image or choosing from a gallery of pre-selected images.  It's a great way to build personal attachment to their card.
​ ​​ Learn more about AllAboutMe  ​​TM​​, our line of cardholder-designed cards

Colored core

Make your card stand out, especially when stacked inside a cardholder's wallet.  A colored core makes your card highly visible when viewed on edge.

F​oil art

Add metallic, shiny, or iridescent effect with standard foil or rainbow foil. Bring to life your favorite elements of a card design with a flashy, fun appearance. ​Foil can be used on any portion of your design or over the entire card face.

Metal card bodies

Appeal to your most distinguished cardholders with a distinctly high-end feel. Metal cards are slightly thicker and heavier than their plastic counterparts, so they have a unique feel in the user's hand and are more distinguishable in their wallet.

Eco-Sustainable cards

Show your customers that environmental friendliness is of key concern to you.  These cards are made from sustainably-sourced materials, right down to the ink.

Prepare for next-generation EMV payments

What will you offer your cardholders to enhance service, add convenience, and offer additional payment innovations? Contactless EMV is a great place to start.

Fight fraud on all channels

As EMV secures in-store purchases, U.S. banks can expect to see counterfeit card fraud drop dramatically, but fraudsters are likely to move to the next weakest link in the payment ecosystem: online and digital channels.

eCommerce Channels

Online payments will be a growing market for fraudsters.  Combining tokenization and EMV is one option to secure eCommerce and card not-present purchases.  Tokenization technology replaces a cardholder's account information with a temporary value that cannot be used for a cross-channel purchase.

Learn more about reducing card-not-present fraud with tokenization​

A DCV (Dynamic Code Verification) card, is easy for issuers to deploy and designed to fight eCommerce fraud without adding any friction or additional steps for merchants or consumers. 

How does it work? A DCV card is a credit or debit card that replaces a traditional printed CVV/CVC with a unique, one-time verification code for every online transaction.  ​The code is verified in real-time by the issuing bank, which means a fraudster who has acquired account information through​ a breach or a skimming operation won't be able to make any purchases online without the original card in-hand.

​eBanking Channels

As fraudsters look for new channels to target, it's more important than ever to protect eBanking and mobile banking portals.  Our EzioTM ​Suite of solutions provides comprehensive security for your account holders as they access accounts online.  With added layers of protection, banks gain the opportunity to develop premier online banking services that require higher levels of security.

Learn more about reducing eBanking fraud​

Issuance makes a difference.
Are you making the most of your options?

Central Issuance

Traditional personalization and fulfillment services take the burden of issuance entirely off the plate of the card issuer. Your personalization provider will work directly with your data processing center to receive all of the necessary files to produce, stuff and mail cards directly to your cardholders.

Instant Issuance

Instant issuance gets cards into the hands of your customers immediately, on-the-spot in one of your branch locations.  Instead of waiting for 5-10 days to receive a new card in the mail, your cardholder can use it immediately.  

You'll benefit from immediate activation and faster card usage. It also brings cardholders back to the branch, which is a great way to give their experience a more personal touch. Instant issuance is fully optimized to support both contact and dual interface EMV cards, so no matter which type of EMV card you are deploying, instant issuance is a great way to get your cards in the field faster.

Trusted Service Hub (T​SH)

​TSH is a provision ing solution for banks. It allows banks to provide innovative services, such as payments or access to their customers, across any or all of a customer's cards and mobile devices. A good TSH benefits issuing banks by simplifying and easing the ca​​​​rdholder onboarding process and card management systems.Our TSH couples EMV security with tokenization technology, which allows for a cardholder's personal account information to be substituted with a tokenized, or temporary, card number.