Benefits of Contactless EMV for issuers

​Solve consumer ch​​​​eckout pains with faster contactless transactions


EMV is widely credited for reducing face-to-face transaction fraud, and for good reason. But a side-effect of chip technology is the longer wait times when you insert the card to the reader. Contactless cards are chip cards with an added bonus – you can wave them over the reader for a quick tap-and-go transaction. Contactless cards, like mobile wallet​​s, give your cardholders security and convenience.

​Increase revenu​​e and customer retention

​Insight from contactless EMV deployments worldwide shows that consumers spend more with contactless cards. Contactless capabilities generate higher spend and create a significant rise in total transactions.​

​In the U.S. market, where consumers choose which cards to use based on rewards like points or miles, focusing contactless on select everyday portfolios means customers can get maximum rewards and maximum convenience. This powerful combo can increase usage and help improve customer retention.

Pave the road to mobil​​e one tap at a time

​The new EMV terminals deployed in the U.S. are contactless-ready, meaning they are equipped to accept transactions whether the card is dipped or tapped. Paying with smartphones is​ undoubte​dly the trend of the future, much fueled by the launch of NFC mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, and merchant wallets like Walmart Pay. 

Contactless cards are an important step in the move to mobile payments, with the advantage of being accessible and easy-to-use for all generations of cardholders. There are no device or activation prerequisites, and no need to be tech savvy or a digital native. All consumers can easily be educated on the tap-and-go gesture with a card, and immediately experience the satisfaction of zipping through checkout​.

​A better intern​​ational travel experience

With EMV being the global standard for payments, U.S. consumers can already use their chip cards internationally. Contactless tap-and-go is fast becoming the norm in many countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. Those are just a few of the countries that are rapidly increasing the number of available contactless terminals. In Europe, by 2020 all POS terminals must be contactless enabled.​

Shopping experience  

U.S. travelers with contactless EMV cards can fit in with the locals while travelling. For example, like millions of London commuters, you can tap your contactless card to hop on the tube or a double-decker bus, without the hassle of buying tickets or passes in advance.​ 

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