EMV makes checkout faster and more secure

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How can Contactless EMV speed up payments?

EMV defines the possibility to conduct secure and fast contactless transactions, where there is no physical contact between the payment device and the payment terminal. Payment information is communicated wirelessly by tapping the payment device in front of the terminal.​ Thanks to Contactless EMV, card payments can be both secure and fast.​

Contactless ​​EMV couple​s security benefits with checkout speed 

transactions are less than 500ms
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The EMV specification extends beyond contact EMV cards to a new form of payment, interchangeably termed contactless, NFC or proximity payment. Contactless EMV cards have all the security offered by chip cards, with the added bonus of speed – putting transactions together in less than 500 milliseconds. 

Instead of inserting a chip card into a reader, cardholders can tap or wave their cards over the terminal. Tapping shaves off 10-25 seconds per transaction and does not require a signature for purchases below $50. 

Contactles​​s EMV is available on cards, mobile and wearables

Contactless card, mobile payment and wearablesContactless EMV technology extends from cards to mobile phones and wearables. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay all use contactless EMV and have helped expose U.S. consumers to the convenience and speed of mobile tap-and-go. Contactless cards achieve the same fast experience using regular debit or credit cards. 

Leapfrogging Conta​​ct EMV with contac​tless options​

​​Contactless cards have proven a remarkable asset to issuers worldwide when they were introduced following the initial EMV migration, for example, in Canada, where in-store contactless payments reached over 25 percent in September 2015. 

According to MasterCard, consumers that receive contactless cards spend almost 30 percent more than previoulsy. The Bank of Canada reported that contactless credit cards are also a key factor in the diminishing usage of cash.

A direct route to EMV can start with a contactless card. Issuers in the U.S. like Citi, American Express, HSBC and Santander have begun launching contactless portfolios. These first movers are anticipating the popularity of contactless cards, and taking advantage of being the first to offer their consumers the benefits of speed and convenience.

​​A contactless transaction can be approximately
53% faster​
than a traditional magnetic stripe credit card transaction
and 63% faster​
than using cash.

Contactless Payment

Choose an experie​​​nced partner 

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