EMV Cards are Proven to Reduce Fraud

EMV has been deployed in over 80 countries. Over and over, it has been shown to reduce counterfeit card fraud.

How does EMV prevent fraud? The chip is tamper-proof and nearly impossible to clone, making counterfeit card fraud extremely difficult. In addition, EMV cards generate a unique numeric code for every transaction, which means a would-be fraudster cannot use stolen account data to make fraudulent transactions at any merchant that requires an EMV card.

Countries that have implemented EMV have seen dramatic reductions in fraud from counterfeit cards and stolen cards, leading to overall fraud reduction, too.


For a few dollars per year, an EMV card produces safe face-to-face transactions *

England saw overall card fraud reduced by a third after the implementation EMV in 2004.

In Canada debit card fraud card losses fell dramatically after the implementation of EMV.

Debit losses fell from a high of $142 million in 2009 to $38.5 million in 2012 – a 73% drop.

When France migrated to EMV in 2005, counterfeit card theft fraud nearly dissappeared.

Counterfeit card fraud dropped by 91% while fraud from card theft fell by 98%.

*Source: Face-to-face domestic fraud rate in France, 2012 Banque de France, Face-to-face domestic fraud rate in UK, 2012 UK Cards Association