Identity & Access Management Solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gemalto's identity and access management (IAM) solutions allow organizations to meet the evolving needs around cloud applications and mobile devices by enabling secure access to online resources and protecting the digital interactions of employees, partners, and customers with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing pr​oducts.​

Offering fully automated cloud-based authentication and extensive lifecycle management, Gemalto's authentication management platforms are designed to streamline deployment in complex environments, reduce administration overheads and offer a solid foundation to scale in both cloud and on-premises PKI environments.

Whether located in the cloud, the corporate data center, or virtual environments, Gemalto's broad range of authentication methods and form factors allow enterprises to secure access to any application from any device. 

Our Solutions

Gemalto's identity and access management products utilize strong authentication to enable enterprises and trust centers to secure access, identities, and interactions.  Our solutions include cloud-based or server-based management platforms, advanced development tools,​ and the broadest range of authenticators.



SafeNet Trusted Access offers identity-as-a-service, combining the convenience of cloud single sign-on with granular access security. By validating identities, enforcing access policies and applying cloud SSO, organizations can ensure secure, convenient access to numerous cloud applications from one easy-to-navigate console​.

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SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) delivers fully automated str​ong authentication from the cloud, enabling organization to protect cloud-based and on-premises applications, from any device with user-friendly token options.

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Authentication Management Platforms  

Authenti​cation Management Platforms

Gemalto's enterprise-grade authentication management platform enables secure access, network access, and PKI digital signing as well as extensive certificate lifecycle management.

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Bluetooth Authentication  

Blu​etooth Authentication

Gemalto Bluetooth Smart technology enables connectivity with PKI security integrating desktops and mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

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OTP Authenticators 

OTP Authenticators

Generate dynamic one-time passwords (OTPs) for authenticating users to critical applications wherever they reside, from any device.

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Out-of-Band Authentication  

Out-of-Band Authentication

Gemalto's OOB authenticators utilize external channels such as SMS or email to send dynamic passwords to users.

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Pattern-Based Authentication  

Pattern-Based Authentication 

Pattern-based authentication allows end-users to generate a one-time password by entering numbers that correspond to a pre-defined pattern on the screen.

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PKI Smart Cards  

PKI Smart Cards

Strong, yet simple, Gemalto smart cards offer s trong multi-factor authentication in a traditional credit card form factor and enable organizations to address PKI security needs ranging from remote access, network access, password management, network logon, corporate badging to digital signing and secure transactions.

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Remote Access Solutions

Gemalto's suite of SafeNet Authentication Solutions allow effective secure remote access to a company's sensitive resources.

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Security Applications  

Security Applications

Gemalto middleware enables strong authentication operations and the implementation of certificate-based applications such as digital signing, data protection, network logon and password management. 

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Smart Card Readers  

Smart Card Readers

IDBridge smart card readers offer the perfect balance of ease of use and solid security for communication between smart cards and network services.

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Software and Mobile Authenticators  

Software and Mobile Authenticators

Gemalto's mobile authenticators eliminate the need for a separate authentication device by turning mobile phones and tablets into your second factor of authentication.

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USB PKI Tokens  

USB PKI Tokens

Gemalto USB tokens utilize PKI technology to generate and store credentials, such as private keys, passwords and digital certificates inside the protected environment of the smart card chip stored on a trusted USB device.

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Why Choose Gemalto IAM Solutions

Identity and Access Management IconSafeNet identity and access management solutions allow organizations to use strong authentication anywhere a password is currently used. With support for RADIUS, SAML 2.0, APIs and dedicated agents, SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) has the flexibility and scalability to protect your entire IT ecosystem, including:

  • VPNs
  • SaaS, Idaas and Ipaas applications
  • Virtualized environments (VDI)
  • Web portals and cloud-based applications
  • Local networks
  • Physical and logical access

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