Allynis Sample Card

​Taking the brakes off creative card design

The design of any card - whether credit, debit, loyalty, special event, gift or access card - provides crucial support for the issuer's brand. And thanks to modern plastics and special effects like transparent cards, foils and metallic finishes, opportunities for creative card design have never been greater. Designers are full of ideas for eye-catching artwork to ensure their new card wins a place at the front of the wallet - the problem comes, when they need to test those great new designs.

Traditionally, testing has meant choosing between a printed paper artwork proof or having a sample card made through the normal production process. Printed artwork proofs are fast and inexpensive to produce, but the process is incapable of reproducing the subtleties of innovative plastics and special effects. That means a lot is left to the imagination - and makes committing to production on the basis of artwork alone extremely risky. And while press proofs are unbeatable for accuracy, the process is expensive and very time-consuming: traditionally, it's taken several weeks to produce a sample card, and few issuers can justify the costs of trying out several subtly different designs 'just for comparison'.

Now there's an alternative, designed to release the full creativity of your card designers without those cost and time constraints: Allynis Sample Card.

Allynis sample card solution

Allynis Sample Card uses an innovative card production technology that shortens the time to realistic sample from weeks to days. The whole process is smooth and streamlined, right down to sample shipment by express courier.

Using Allynis Sample Card, issuers can test the effects of subtle artwork changes that they simply couldn't justify testing with traditional production processes. They can try out new combinations of artwork, plastics and effects; they can play around with new shapes, or with coloured magstripes, for example. And the only real difference between the sample card and a full press proof is that the secure logos will include the word "void".

This new fast-track process also eliminates a major risk inherent in simply approving artwork: issuers have the benefit of access to Gemalto design and production experts in reviewing and validating the design prior to sample production, so the issuer can be confident that the card is compliant with the latest standards, and is suitable for manufacture.

Better for issuers

Allynis Sample Card takes the brakes off new card design:

  • Releases creativity - issuers can test out new designs and materials and make the subtle changes that turn a good design into a great one
  • Speeds time to market - Allynis Sample Card cuts sample production time from months to days
  • Reduces risk - now issuers can commit to a card design, confident that they'll get exactly what they expect.
  • Brings peace of mind - access to Gemalto specialists during sample production ensures that the final design is completely suitable for manufacture

Better for end users

Allynis Sample Card frees designers from the need to 'play safe' - and that means more creative designs for users to enjoy.


Allynis™ Sample Card

PDF Taking the brakes off creative card design.

Allynis™ Sample Card [PDF - 381kb]