Cards & Payment Solutions

​​​​​In the mid 90s, the introduction of EMV specifications has been a game changer in the Financial cards and payments industry. Now largely deployed in all parts of the world, the EMV framework ensures the interoperability and security of billions of payments every day. Today, EMV is the underlying technology for a wide range of payment tools in a variety of form factors. Gemalto supplies them all, to accomodate at best the diversity of issuers with their own constraints and business requirements.
  • EMV

    Our range of Clarista and Optelio cards are perfect solutions that fits the needs of large and small EMV Card deployments. Complemented with a range of products and services that precisely address your need for both choice and beneficial contractual terms.


  • Contactless

    For both pure-contactless and dual-interface payment means, Gemalto offers next-generation form-factors, presenting optimized chips and operating systems for high level security, and best in class RF performances and transaction times.


  • Display Interface

    Boost interactivity with customers with a card equipped with a display. A solution ideal for one-time password generation, loyalty scheme status check-ups or balance updates.

    Display Interface

  • Card body & finishing options

    Gemalto offers graphic and finishing solutions for card-bodies to suit all your needs.

    Card body & finishing options

  • Gemalto's Green Banking Offer

    The Gemalto eco-friendly offer for banks ​Gemalto's Green Banking Offer is an over​all environmental strategy that accompanies products through four main steps in their life cycle. Learn how our offers are linked to provide environmentally-friendly and leaner practices.

    Gemalto's Green Banking Offer