Cont​​​actless ​Payments

​​​​​​​​Contactless  payments go​ worldwide​

The world has seen many successful launches of contactless payments worldwide. The prerequisites, market conditions, end-user demands and legislation vary, but results all point in the same direction; great benefits for banks, merchants and users alike.

Gemalto con​​​tactless solutions: an innovative and secure way to penetrate new markets

Both for purely contactless and dual-interface cards and adjacent form factors, Gemalto offers next-generation solutions with optimized chips and operating systems for high level security, and best in class RF performances and transaction times.

Gemalto contactless solutions offers to issuers an innovative and secure way to penetrate new markets (cash, young, unbanked) , increase number of transactions generating additional revenue streams.​

EMV  ​​Contactless cards

This is the level to go for if you want a technology that's not only convenient and secure, but also future-proof. A contactless card can also be used as a contact card. 

​Ne​w Form Fa​ctors - contactless stickers, wearables ​

New form factors are becoming popular alternatives to traditional payments cards. Gemalto has been at the forefront of driving these fun, innovative and user friendly devices since the technology first appeared. We have helped more than 60 financial institutions in 30-plus countries with their contactless programs.

Our EMV contactless portfolio now includes contactless companion devices such as stickers, tags, wristbands and watches as well as​ cards.

​​Mobile Payment 

Turning your mobile into a contactless device.
Learn more about Mobile form factors

Wearable Payment

Combine the convenience of a wrist-worn wearable with the speed of contactless payment to give consumers a convenient way to pay.
Learn more about Wearable form factors

Why G​emalto?

Choose the best ​– for all your contactless projects

With contactless technology now gaining traction worldwide, you can trust the experts to ensure your contactless plans are a success. If you’re operating in the dynamic EMV-contactless market, you can put your faith in a company that has already delivered in excess of 900 million cards to more than 80 major customers worldwide. As the first dual-interface products certified by both Visa and MasterCard, Gemalto’s highly reliable cards have been adopted by more customers than any other in every regional market worldwide. 

Our commitment to contactless can be seen in every area of our business, from solutions and services to technology R&D. Our in-depth knowledge of all things contactless, including operating system development, antenna design, card body production and personalization, makes us the first choice for companies that want to deliver the latest payment technology to their customers.

 Contactless Case Studies