Your customers. Your solution.

​​​​​​​​Contactless Mobile Payment Solution

Take the lead and launch your own contactless mobile payment solution. And do it with a simple, secure and scalable solution on which you will have full ownership.

Ownership and indepen​dence.

Your bank brand on the card

Take ownership of the entire mobile payment solution

Optelio Contactless MicroSD is a powerful solution that puts innovative banks ahead of competitors, as it helps them to reach the mobile payment market already today.

Micro SD technology allows you to own the Secure Element and the entire mobile payment solution. You stay in full control of your customer relationships and have the freedom to drive your brand’s mobile payments communications. What’s more, with Optelio Contactless Micro SD you will have the means to start with a simple, quick-to-market issuance, and then grow from there.

​​Strengthen customer relationship​​

Customer Relationship

Give your customers what they want

Your customers want easy and convenient access to today’s latest technology.

Thanks to Gemalto’s Optelio Contactless Micro SD, you can ensure their current handset is ready to make contactless payments within minutes, no need for them to own a specific NFC device.

And because they already trust you for their payment cards and services, they are confident you can provide them with secure and user-friendly mobile payment services as well.

1. Your customer receive their personalized contactless Micro SD card

1. Your customer receive their personalized contactless Micro SD card.

2. They insert the Micro SD card into the mobile phone

2. They insert the Micro SD card into the mobile phone.

3. They download your branded associated mobile application

3. They download your branded associated mobile application.

4. Now they are ready to start shopping

4. Now they are ready to start shopping.

​Introducing the latest MicroSD technology​

MicroSD technology

Experience cutting edge technology

The proven RF performance of Optelio Contactless Micro SD confirms the successful integration of three key components:

  • Gemalto’s field-proven banking Dual-Interface chip and operating system
  • The Active Contactless front-end component, connected to the antenna, and acting as a real booster, amplifying the antenna’s field reception and generation
  • Gemalto’s antenna, a result of our contactless lab’s know-how, uniquely designed to further optimize the RF performance of the final product.

Working on today’s most popular Smartphones
Download the list of qualified Android handsets for Optelio Contactless Micro SD


​​​Start with simple issuance and grow from there

Gemalto makes it all possible

Gemalto’s flexible offers around this product address the entire scope of a Micro SD mobile payment project, including:

  • The Software for the associated handset application
  • The Issuance Services for µSD applications loading and personalization

Why Gemalto’s Optelio Contactless Micro SD?

Modular offer
Gemalto’s modular offers is a flexible solution tailored to your needs

Scale up
The technology can be scaled up to Gemalto’s supported contactless portfolio

Card-like issuance and distribution
A card-like issuance and distribution allows you to leverage on existing processes and communication tools.

Gemalto with you all along the way

MicroSD Expertise: Gemalto’s combined Contactless EMV and Telecom expertise

A unique expertise

Gemalto’s combined Contactless EMV and Telecom expertise allows us to bring to the market not only a reliable and high-quality product, but has also enabled us to set-up a unique, dedicated RF performance test environment for handsets.

Based on EMV certified test tools and Gemalto’s knowledge of the Micro SD technology, this testing environment ensures reliable and repeatable performance measures on a large panel of most recent smartphones. It demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers and the end-users with a very clear understanding of how the product will behave on the field.

​Working with Gemalto means you’ve got the best partner for your contactl​ess payment projects​

Our experience in managing and delivering contactless payment projects via both cards and cell phones means you can rely on us to give you a leading edge on innovation and accompany you in the understanding of what your customers really want. Gemalto understands all the issues associated with keeping you ahead of the curve, and our unique knowledge sharing approach is there to help you every step of the way.​

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