Optelio Contactless Sticker

​​​​​​​​​​​F​​or a real mobile payment experience

Are you looking for a first generation mobile payment experience that is not only quick and easy to deploy but will also get your customers used to a new way of paying? Optelio Contactless Sticker ticks both these boxes.

Optelio Contactless Sticker is the key to the success of your contactless strategy. It is the perfect way of promoting and creating awareness of the advantages of the technology and it is also a strategic intermediate product that will simplify your portfolio migration from banking cards to mobile NFC.

Easy a​s 1-2-3-pay!

All your customers need to do is simply snap the sticker out of its holder, fix it to their device and start making payments with their new contactless ‘card’.

Optelio Contactless Sticker: Snap, peel, stick, pay


And your customers will love it. It will not be long before they are making payments quickly, easily and securely simply by tapping the sticker attached to their favorite handset. Accompanied by a phone app or SMS alerts, you will be giving them more options as well as the peace of mind that they will stay in control of their payments – 24/7! .

A solution for every ​situation

You can distribute it in two formats: as a companion to an existing banking card linked to the same account; or as a standalone solution with specific packaging. Optelio Contactless Sticker fits nicely with your prepaid program and works ideally for example for big sporting or musical events. Whichever way you use it, we have a distribution solution that suits you.
Optelio Contactless Sticker is compatible with any device your customers decide to use, thanks to Gemalto’s patented technology. It has been specifically designed to work in challenging environments, so it can be used on a variety of case materials from plastic to brushed aluminum.

As a leading supplier to both payment and telecoms sectors, you can trust Gemalto to have thought of everything.


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