EMV card with fingerprint biometrics

​​With a fingerprint sensor right on the card body, paying with an EMV card just got easier than ever before: with a simple touch, no need to enter a PIN code on the ​​Point-of-Sales  (POS) Terminal keypad to perform a payment transaction, both in contact mode and in contactless mode for large amounts. 

The cardholder biometric data is enrolled at the Bank branch using either a secure tablet with the assistance of a teller or 24/7 with a kiosk: the fin​​gerprint reference data is securely stored in the card's secure chip. It is not kept on the Bank's servers nor sent over the air to a personalization bureau. This very rigourous and p​rivacy-friendly enrolment process is key for the success of biometrics in payment applications. It is very similar to popular self-enrolment processes available on leading smartphones brands.

The fingerprint sensor is large enough and well positioned enough on the card body to enable a perfect seamless user experience: by holding the card pretty much as always before, the cardholder will perform biometrics verification with his/her enrolled finger,  A simple card insertion (contact mode) or tap (contactless mode) on the POS will be sufficient to complete the transaction. PIN code can be used as a fall-back solution whenever the cardholder's fingerprint can't be used - like ATM cash withdrawals for example.

The new fingerprint sensor is compatible will all other EMV card options such as contactless​, Dynamic Code Verification with a e-Ink display on the card body.  Biometrics is also compatible with the ISO dimensions of the card so there is no change for such a card to be used at the ATM with a PIN code.

EMV Biometric Card