PURE, a Gemalto White Label payment offer

​PURE is an off-the-shelf payment application from Gemalto that is fully compliant with the EMV™ standard. It is designed for domestic schemes and private payment card associations looking for chip-based security and fast time to market.

PURE is a scheme-agnostic EMV application that private-label card issuers and national payment associations can use without the need to enter into a business agreement with another payment scheme.

Future-proof payment application for prepaid, debit, credit, and ATM transactions. Enabling contact, contactless and mobile payment. 
Based in EMV Standards. For security and interoperability with EMV terminals. 
Brand independent solution. giving you full control to desin customized user experience.


PURE s​pecifications for ​​domestic schemes

With PURE, domestic schemes can define their own payment solution – including product lifecycle and roadmap, and certification rules – for a cost-effective off-the-shelf solution.

Learn more about PURE Domestic Schemes

​​PURE for private-lab​el and mobile-payment issuers

PURE offers closed-loop card issuers the benefits of EMV combined with full control over their payment network, for the ultimate in convenience combined with state-of-the art technical features.

Learn more about ​​PURE for private-lab​el and mobile-payment issuers​

W​​hy Gem​alto?

Strong con​​sulting services in payme​nt systems:

With almost two decades of consultancy expertise in payment systems and 55 years of cumulative experience in EMV and NFC technologies, Gemalto has a dedicated team of senior EMV consultants to support the scheme and its members.

A trusted and expe​rience​​d partner

With more than 150 references in 52 countries, Gemalto is a trusted developer and manufacturer, able to quickly produce specific products for issuing members, creating traction in the industry around the world.

Fully com​​mitted ​​to our customers' needs 

Gemalto has developed a complete, modular offer to fit all implementation scenarios. It includes not only specifications but also consultancy, assistance, card products, personalization tools, and provisioning and tokenization platforms for mobile, offering seamless, and timely deployment.


  • Introducing PURE

    Introducing PURE

    PURE for regional schemes and private labels: Key facts and figures about worldwide PURE deployments

    Introducing PURE
  • Optelio PURE solution

    Optelio PURE solution

    Filling station chain Gazprom Neft upgrades its loyalty card program with Optelio PURE contactless solution

    Optelio PURE solution [PDF - 636kb]
  • EMV White label for Domestic Schemes

    PURE for ​​domestic schemes

    Extensive EMV™ and mobile NFC payments for national schemes. PURE gives domestic schemes full ownership of their payment solution, including product lifecycle, roadmap and certification rules, allowing them to articulate their own business model

    PURE for ​​domestic schemes
  • PURE by Gemalto

    PURE for private networks

    Extensive EMV™ and mobile NFC payments for private networks. Gemalto’s PURE white-label application brings EMV technology to private label card and mobile payment issuers.

    PURE for private networks