Card Body & Finishing Options

Discover Gemalto's unbeatable range of card body technologies: graphic solutions to suit all your needs.

  • Transparent:
    send a clear message

    One of the most technically demanding cards to design but with our expert advice you can be sure that you are more than up to meeting the challenge.

  • Metallic foil:
    fantastic designs

    Flashy and fun or simple and elegant: whatever your choice, we have the answer.

  • Colored core:
    Your card is instantly recognized

    Get a slice of Colored Core, the cutting edge of card design technology. With a large choice of colors, this feature is the smart way of ensuring your card stands out from the crowd.

Special effects ...The Originals

Often copied but never matched – let alone bettered – our vast range of special printing and hot stamping effects will breathe life into your designs. Among the most spectacular are the following trio:

  • Embossing varnish:
    sealed and secured

    This unique varnish was developed by Gemalto to encapsulate a logo or text with stunning results

  • Tactile Varnish:
    the perfect touch

    A special varnish that brings your design to life. Perfect for highlighting a detail or a logo.

  • High-definition hot foil stamping

    High-definition hot foil stamping: fine detailing

    A trade-off between customized holograms and hot foil stamping. Incredibly fine details can be obtained, enabling a fine segmentation of your card holders. It takes less than 3 weeks to create, leading to no expensive stock to manage and stunning results guaranteed.

  • ure silver

    Pure silver:
    slick and simple

    Perfect for highlighting logos and program names, an ideal alternative to silver hot foil.

  • Pearlescent varnish

    Pearlescent varnish:
    bring colors to life

    A special varnish with a subtle metallic effect to make colors more vibrant.

  • Magstripe printing

    Magstripe printing:
    don't waste space – communicate

    A smart way of using space to communicate, using black or silver text.

  • Standard hot-stamp foil:
    quick and simple

    Very simple to apply for the maximum effect.

  • Bio-sourced card:
    smart by nature

    Our new Eco Card has an innovative body made of bio materials to help you develop your green offering without compromising on quality.

  • Flip/flop:
    flips but guaranteed never to flop*

    A special varnish that changes the color of an image depending on the viewing angle. Use it on the whole card surface or – better still – in key areas to boost the effect.

Design consultancy

Prior to finalize a new artwork plan, Gemalto strongly recommends that your designers contact our Design Specialist who will not only ensure that artwork will be compatible with all the different stages of card production but will also advise on how to achieve premium results on our different card body technologies that are available.

Sustainable development

Thinking Green!

Packaging and Innovative plastics turn to be incredibly strong Marketing weapons for our customers, including on the Green side

Creating eco-friendly products

Optelio, Clarista & Desineo

The Optelio brand includes advanced payment cards that give financial institutions the option to add on specific and enhanced card functionalities. Gemalto's innovative solution offers an extensive range of the latest card applications to entice new customers and increase customer loyalty.
The Clarista solution is our entry-level EMV card, designed for basic payment applications. It is a cost- effective offer that combines Gemalto's security expertise and card personalization.
Finally, Desineo is our offer for fully customizable payment cards built in accordance with your specifications.
Gemalto's card and payment portfolio is further enhanced by a comprehensive service offer that assists with deployment, on-site training, and customer support.