Contactless EMV Cards

​​​​​Contactless technology allows faster and more convenient ways to pay, especially for low value transactions. Both for purely contactless and dual-interface cards and adjacent form factors, Gemalto offers next-generation solutions with optimized chips and operating systems for high level security, and best in class RF performances and transaction times.

Gemalto contactless solutions offers to issuers an innovative and secure way to penetrate new markets (cash, young, unbanked) , increase number of transactions generating additional revenue streams.

Clarist​​a Contactless

Gemalto's "straight-forward" contactless card offer fulfills the financial institutions' essential needs for secure payment transactions.

Clarista Contactless Smart Cards S1

Optimized for contactless magstripe emulation

  • Full contactless card
  • Supporting Visa VCPS 2.0.2, MasterCard PayPass 3.3 specifications, and Discover Zip
  • Full embossing
  • Multi-sourcing available for secured supply

Clarista Contactless range

Next-generation cards with enhanced features and very cost efficient for mass EMV-contactless deployments

  • Dual interface or full contactless cards
  • Supporting Mastercard Paypass Mchip4, M/chip Advance, Visa VSDC2.7.1, Dual VSDC, VSDC Sesame, VSDC 2.8.1am2 specifications and PURE v1.5.3 specifications 
  • Type A/Mifare 1K
  • Full embossing/Half size antenna
  • Up to 16K EEPROM size
  • Multi-sourcing available for secured supply


Optelio Contactless

Gemalto's advanced payment cards provide financial institutions with added features and multi-application capabilities with enhanced performance and large EEPROM memory available for specific product adaptation.


  • Dual interface cards
  • Supporting Mastercard Paypass, M/Chip4, M/Chip Advance & Visa VSDC 2.7.1, Dual VSDC (VCPS 2.02/VCPS 2.1) and PURE v1.5.3 specifications 
  • Type A / Mifare 1K. Mifare 4K, Desfire EV1 (2k,4k) as options
  • Full embossing
  • Full or half size antenna
  • Multi-sourcing available for secured supply
  • 16K, 36K or 72K EEPROM version available*
  • Multi-applications: MPCOS, PKI (Classic IAS)


Pay@Gate offer

Gemalto’s latest Clarista & Optelio contactless EMV range supports the Pay@gate concept, which is the Open Loop EMV application for Transport payment directly at the gate, replacing cash, ticket or dedicated e-purse.
Relying on EMV technology, it makes transport card interoperable.


Dual interface card based on Optelio & Clarista EMV contactless products:

  • 16, 36, 72Kbytes EEPROM
  • EMV specifications: Mchip Advance, Visa : Dual VSDC Sesame (including VTPS for DataStorage), VSDC 2.8.1am2, PURE v1.5.3 
  • Type A (Mifare 1k, 4k options), Type B
  • Full or half size antenna
  • Multiapplications: MPCOS, PKI (Classic IAS)


South Africa equips the unbanked

Contactless Payment Solutions

Contactless Solutions

For both pure-contactless and dual-interface, Gemalto has products embedding optimized chips and operating systems for a high level of security, and best in class RF performances and transaction times.

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Optelio Contactless for Transit

Optelio Contactless for Transit

Gemalto helps Garanti Bank get Eskisehir moving

Optelio Contactless for Transit - [PDF - 745kb]

The best partner for all your contactless projects

In the US market, Gemalto has supplied more than 40 million cards and is recognized for the high technology expertise and high level of support it brings to the major US Banks for their contactless magstripe programs. In the promising EMV-contactless market, Gemalto has already delivered over 75 million EMV contactless cards during the first European, American and Asian deployments. Being the first dual-interface offer certified both by Visa and MasterCard, Gemalto's highly reliable products have been massively adopted by more than 60 customers particular in the UK, Turkey, Poland, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. With these field proven products, Gemalto is now strongly involved in the main initial roll-outs thanks to its strong manufacturing capacity of dual interface cards as well as contactless cards.

Optelio, Clarista & Desineo

The Optelio brand includes advanced payment cards that give financial institutions the option to add on specific and enhanced card functionalities. Gemalto's innovative solution offers an extensive range of the latest ?card applications to entice new customers and increase customer loyalty.
The Clarista solution is our entry-level EMV card, designed for basic payment applications. It is a cost- effective offer that combines Gemalto's security expertise and card personalization.
Finally, Desineo is our offer for fully customizable payment cards built in accordance with your specifications.
Gemalto's card and payment portfolio is further enhanced by a comprehensive service offer that assists with deployment, on-site training, and customer support.