Consulting Services

Consulting services

In addition to provide Cards and payments solutions to Financial Institutions, Gemalto is making its pool of experts Consultants available to you to support every aspects of your smart card implementation strategy, from planning to execution.

Leverage our experience

From designing a new strategy to executing you go-to-business plan, our Consultants can bring their professional expertise to you for:

  • System design including smart card technology (EMV, contactless technology, mobile payment architecture, e-payment)
  • Impact analysis on smart card implementation (Business case, strategic plan, migration plan)
  • Requirements definition, specifications review
  • Test plan definition
  • Dedicated studies

Hot Topics

EMV migration is spreading worldwide. Gemalto is at the forefront on all markets where real actions are taking place. Our Consultants know how to drive a migration plan and are ready to work with you to apply it to your market.

Contactless Payment and Mobile NFC Payment are key areas of development for Banks. Our Consultants have access to not only the Banking cards experts at Gemalto but also the Telecom SIM cards and Other-the-Air provisioning experts. Nobody is better positioned to design a better go-to-market recipe with you for contactless Payment.

Cards personalization can be a complex process whenever you deal with multiple data centers. Gemalto is capable to design a complete personalization strategy for you, optimizing security, process efficiency and costs for your Operations.

Benefits for Banks

By working closely with our expert Consultants you will benefit from the best and proven practices available in the market. You will acquire news skills, while minimizing your implementation risks. Gemalto Consulting Services for the Payment industries represents more than 130 customer references in 50 different countries. This unmatched knowledge base is made available to you to secure your success.

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