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​​Transfer, Mexico

Find out how Gemalto Mobile Payment Platform brings mobile financial services to millions of people in Mexico, anytime, anywhere.

Transfer is a service that allows any person or business with a mobile phone, to send, request, and receive money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, quickly, reliably, and without using the Internet.

Transfer relies on SMS to provide users with payments, money transfers, and balance inquiries and those transactions are PIN protected.

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TSM Nordic, Norway

TSM Nordic is a company owned by Telenor, Norway’s leading mobile operator with 3 million subscribers and DNB, the largest financial services provider with ​2 million customers.
TSM Nordic chose Gemalto as the technology partner to provide Norway with its first NFC payment service.
TSM Nordic’s requirements was to deploy as quickly as possible a future-proof and interoperable mobile payment solution for multiple players. Gemalto’ s TSM Hub platform is at the heart of this new interoperable eco-system to accelerate the quick on-boarding of mobile operators, banks, public transport authorities and other service providers over time. It acts as a single connection point from which all players can plug into to provide and manage mobile contactless services.
Beyond Norway, this new eco-system is expected to expand across the entire Nordic region.

Movistar, Spain

Movistar, the largest mobile network operator in Spain, uses Gemalto’s mobile payment solution to provide their mobile subscribers with an easy and secure method of purchasing a broad range of products, content and services. The payments for such purchases are made via the subscriber’s monthly telecom bill or, in the case of pre-paid users, charged directly to the pre-paid account.
The payment service does not require any pre-registration, downloads or heavy merchant integrations. Individual subscribers are able to quickly and easily purchase digital content via Web, WAP, SMS and USSD, and automatically charge their Movistar bill or prepaid account.
Through an intuitive self-care application subscribers can manage their personal accounts, review their transaction history, and filter reports according to date, merchant and/or reference number.

Mobicom, Mongolia

Mobicom, the largest mobile network operator in Mongolia, chose Gemalto as its technology partner to establish an innovative PSP (Payment Service Provider) at Mongolia. Targeting Mongolia’s largely nomadic population, not easily served by traditional banking systems, Mobicom issued its subscribers mobile wallets capable of representing multiple payment instruments, such as bank accounts, prepaid (stored value) accounts, credit cards, MNO bill and more.
With mobile payment, banking services have spread out of urban areas and opened up new opportunities nationwide for mobile money transfer, mobile commerce, bill payment and financial management.

Cellcom and Citibank, Israel

Israel’s leading mobile network operator strives to lead the market with a full range of Mobile Financial Services. Cellcom chose Gemalto as its technology provider to build the mobile payment solution, which powers m-commerce and in-store payments, as well as cross-border money transfer for migrant populations. The mobile wallet is accessible online and from mobile apps running on the iOS and Android operating systems.
As part of the solution, Gemalto’s technology helps build the new ecosystem, comprising Cellcom, its global banking partner and a local card processor.

Redeban Multicolor, Colombia

Redeban Multicolor (RBM) is the leading financial network and financial solution integrator in Colombia, as well as a MasterCard and Maestro Principal Member, Processor and Acquirer.
Working with the three largest mobile operators in the country, Redeban Multicolor uses Gemalto technology to combine mobility with best-in-class security, providing mobile banking to 20 million subscribers in Colombia.
First launched as a SIM client, a rich mobile banking application is now being launched by several banks. Banked and unbanked users in Colombia can check their balance and perform bank transfers, top up airtime, make card payments, block stolen or missing cards, and receive mini-statements.
Earlier this year, Davivienda Bank, launched a Mobile Purs e that targets the unbanked population in Colombia. Using Gemalto’s global expertise in both the banking and the wireless sectors, Davivienda Bank can deliver an end-to-end secure environment while keeping a friendly and straight-forward user experience..

Banamex and Telcel, Mexico

In 2008, Telcel, the largest mobile network operator in Mexico, decided to become an enabler of Mobile Banking in a country of more than 110 million people. Telcel chose to deploy the Gemalto Mobile Banking application in their SIM cards, allowing their entire subscriber base to access associated banks. The solution catered banks with its merits in SIM-based security, (allowing each bank to control its own security domain, like they do in NFC), usability and widespread reach.
Banamex, the first bank to extend Mobile Banking services with Telcel, deployed a wide range of services to help its customers perform daily banking activities like paying bills, making transfers, checking balance, paying credit card bills and many others.
Many other banks followed Banamex and deployed their services within the solution, transforming the way Mexicans can interact with their banks.

NetOne, Zimbabwe

NetOne, a leading network operator in Zimbabwe, deployed Gemalto’s MFS solution for Mobile Money Transfer, which comprises of the server, user application, as well as system integration services. The SIM-based OneWallet service works on 100% of the handsets and enables all NetOne subscribers to perform secure and convenient money transfer using their mobile phone.
The solution’s user-friendly interface enables NetOne subscribers to make secure and easy peer-to-peer money transfers, pay utility bills and top-up prepaid mobile accounts. Cash merchants (or “Agents”) allow customers to perform cash in/out transactions, as well as airtime top-up.
Expanding the possibilities of Mobile Money Transfer, OneWallet also enables NetOne’s customers to have their salaries paid directly onto their phones – an innovative feature that greatly empowers the unbanked with a secure and convenient digital wallet solution.
NetOne also intends to work with the Government of Zimbabwe and Pension Fund schemes to allow the OneWallet to be used for pension payments and thus remove the need for traveling long distances to collect pension payments.

MTN Group

MTN MENA is part of the MTN Group, which serves over 100 million subscribers in Africa and the Middle East, including 30 million in the latter region. Gemalto worked in close cooperation with Fundamo, a leading mobile financial services provider, to jointly supply the complete solution for the MTN MobileMoney service.

The MTN MobileMoney service will enable MTN MENA to offer their subscribers a wide variety of financial services including money transfer, mobile payment and balance checking, mobile purchases, as well as the ability to buy airtime in real-time. MTN MobileMoney’s user friendly interface makes it simple and convenient for subscribers to enjoy financial services featuring simple menus and multiple language options, including English and a number of local languages.
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CITYZI  in France

The first commercial deployment of NFC services in Europe started in May 2010 in France. Since then, mobile network operators, banks, transport operators and retailers haven’t stopped enriching the range of available NFC services allowing consumers to pay, commute and redeem coupons simply by waving their phone on NFC terminals.
Gemalto is playing a key role in this project by providing TSM solutions and services that allow MNOs and service providers such as banks to securely download and install NFC applications onto their customers’ mobile phones.