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 Mobile & Apps

  • DNP logo

    Apple Pay in Japan

    DNP and Gemalto can now address Felica payment in Japan thanks to the latest release of their cloud-based mobile payment solution.

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  • Banamex and Telcel Logo

    Banamex and Telcel, Mexico

    Telcel chose to deploy the Gemalto Mobile Banking application in their SIM cards, allowing their entire subscriber base to access associated banks.

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  • Netone logo

    NetOne, Zimbabwe

    NetOne Deploys Gemalto's End-to-End Mobile Money Solution in Zimbabwe

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  • RBM

    Redeban Multicolor, Colombia

    Redeban Multicolor (RBM) is the leading financial network and financial solution integrator in Colombia, as well as a MasterCard and Maestro Principal Member, Processor and Acquirer.

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 ebanking & eCommerce

  • ING Logo

    Belgium - 1 million customers

    1 million customers will benefit from more secure online banking. ING Belgium, part of the global ING Group, is using Gemalto’s Ezio suite of end-to-end strong authentication solutions to help meet the country’s strict regulations for online security and to address the growing hacker threat. The offering includes the Ezio Class card reader, which gives customers secure access to their bank accounts from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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  • Ireland - Secure online banking in Ireland

    Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is extending its online banking offering for customers, using Gemalto’s Ezio solution to provide additional security features. Gemalto is delivering the complete, future-proof Ezio solution, including strong authentication software, Ezio Club EMV card readers and consulting services. “Simplicity and convenience for our customers were determining factors in our selection of Gemalto’s solution,” said Diarmuid Hanrahan, AIB’s Head of Payments and eChannel Development.

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  • Serbia - Safer shopping in Serbia

    Banca Intesa, the leading financial institution in Serbia, has selected Gemalto’s Ezio Classic reader to secure its eCommerce services. The reader will enable users to make online purchases with the security level guaranteed by the EMV banking card. Ezio Classic, one of the world’s first smart card based strong authentication solutions used for securing eCommerce, is extremely easy to operate. Users insert their banking card into the reader and enter their PIN on the keypad; the device then generates a One Time Password that they can type in to make eCommerce purchases securely.

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  • Nigeria - A scalable solution for Nigeria

    InterSwitch, a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions in Nigeria, is deploying Gemalto’s complete Ezio strong authentication solution to secure its ePayment services. Gemalto has supplied its Ezio Strong Authentication Server, as well as delivering EMV card readers and unconnected tokens, all customized with InterSwitch’s logo. As a result, InterSwitch can now enable its banking customers to perform secure eTransactions using either their EMV card and reader or a token.

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  • Germany - A German reader

    Gemalto has launched Ezio Optical TAN, a unique optical authentication reader for online banking, specially designed for Germany. The reader is the size of a credit card and fits in a wallet. To carry out and sign online transactions, the user simply holds the device in front of their computer screen; optical sensors capture the data the user would normally enter from the reader’s keypad.

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  • United Kingdom - Strong authentication for online banking

    Over one million Barclays Bank customers now use its PINsentry™ smart card reader, which offers stronger authentication for online banking. Since the deployment of Gemalto’s solution not one PINsentry customer has suffered fraud. User feedback has proven extremely positive with customer acceptance 30% higher than anticipated. With PINsentry, Barclays customers generate One-Time-Passwords to authenticate themselves at log in, and also use it to sign transactions, by inserting their usual chip-enabled bank card into the reader and typing in their card PIN code. This provides a much higher level of security than authentication using static credentials.

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 Cards & Payments

  • bio-sourced Optelio EMV payment cards

    Bank of Aland

    Gemalto is supplying its bio-sourced Optelio EMV payment cards to support The Baltic Sea Project, a major environmental initiative by pioneering Scandinavian bank, Bank of Åland.

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  • Coop Bank Denmark

    Coop Bank Denmark was the first to commercially deploy our Optelio Contactless EMV Eco Cards. These cards are still able to offer all features that their customers expect, with creative artwork that set the designs apart from the crowd, such as contactless capabilities and availability in EMV and Dual Interface.

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  • Bio Sourced card for Banco Popular Dominicano

    Gemalto developed the Bio Sourced card with a body made entirely from renewable resources for Banco Popular Dominicano, the Dominican Republic’s leading bank. Not only will customers benefit from an environmentally-friendly, artistic, high-quality product, but they’ll also enjoy discounts on sporting events, restaurants and hotels.

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  • Colombia gets its first multi-application EMV cards

    Colsubsidio, a non-profit organization in Colombia that distributes social security benefits, has launched a new, all-in-one card for its members. The Multi-Service Membership Card, which features EMV technology and is provided by Gemalto, includes an ePurse, entry to parks and sports centers, and easy access to public transportation in Bogotá, among other features. It’s a much-simplified solution that brings Colsubsidio’s many offerings together in one place.

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  • USA - + 153% increase in card applications

    The increase in applications for the United Nations Federal Credit Union’s (UNFCU) chip and PIN credit card. The card, for which Gemalto provided a complete issuance service, came about because customers of UNFCU, which is based in New York, are frequent travelers and found themselves at a disadvantage while abroad because of the USbanking system’s resistance to chip and PIN technology.

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  • Unicredit Bank Sticker for NFC Payments

    Slovakia - High-tech stickers for Slovakians

    Slovakian consumers whose cellphones are not NFC-enabled can now make contactless payments – all thanks to a sticker. By attaching Gemalto’s Optelio sticker to any handset, customers of UniCredit Bank Slovakia can join the growing trend for NFC payments. Now, they can make contactless purchases of up to €20 at fast-food outlets, cinemas, supermarkets and other shops across the country; there are 3,000 acceptance points currently in place. Larger payments will require a PIN. The sticker, which forms part of Slovakia’s first contactless debit paymentservice, has been fully certified by MasterCard.

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  • USA - SVB moves to EMV

    Financial institutions in the United States are finally recognizing the benefits of secure EMV chip payment cards – particularly those whose customers often travel outside the US, where the old magstripe cards are no longer universally accepted. One such institution is Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which has chosen Gemalto to deliver EMV cards for its entire cardholder base, as well as expert advice on EMV migration, personalization and the delivery of the cards to the end-user.

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  • Canada - An industry first in Canada

    As Canada continues its migration to EMV banking cards, Gemalto’s Optelio dual interface debit card has become the first to be certified as compliant with the Interac Flash specification. Interac Flash increases the functionality of Interac-branded debit cards by using dual interface microprocessors. This means that a cardholder can carry out a point-of-sale debit transaction using either the contact or contactless feature of the card, for added security and convenience.
  • Canada - Help for Home Trust

    The latest Canadian bank to migrate from magnetic stripe banking cards to EMV is Home Trust Company, which focuses on consumers who don’t meet the lending criteria of traditional financial institutions. Gemalto is providing it with microprocessor payment cards, as well as data preparation, card personalization and fulfillment services. It is also giving guidance on interacting with other members of the payments ecosystem to meet Canadian EMV requirements.

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  • Taiwan

    Taiwan - Enhancing payments

    Gemalto has deployed its Secure Access Modules (SAMs) into existing EasyCard payment terminals in Taiwan, in partnership with eSECURE Technology. The SAM card (which is often delivered in the form of a smallformat microprocessor card that can be easily inserted into a terminal) is used to upgrade existing payment terminals for contactless use. The contactless-ready terminals give consumers a simple, fast and secure means to pay small sums, while retail vendors such as supermarkets, fast food chains and cinemas can immediately benefit by offering their customers this convenient way to make payments.

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  • Saudi - Arabia Optelio certified for use in Saudi Arabia

    Gemalto’s Optelio banking card has been certified as meeting the requirements of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. This, together with other existing certifications, enables Gemalto to complete its existing Multos offer for the Saudi Arabian banking market, and to support local financial institutions in their migration to EMV cards.

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  • Spain - Sign of the times

    Gemalto is providing Banco Santander with new technology for its university identity card program in Spain. The company is supplying its high-end Optelio cards, which offer EMV payment, multi-application identity for digital signature, strong authentication and secure contactless access to facilities, as well as its client strong authentication software solution for digital signature applications. As part of the program, students can use their card as a Banco Santander debit card, and the new digital signature functionality allows students and professors to sign documents electronically for the first time.

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  • Turkey - Advanced contactless EMV cards

    Garanti Bank in Turkey chose Gemalto to supply our most advanced credit cards combined with our instant issuance solution. Holders can use the cards to make EMV and contactless payment, accumulate points through the bank’s loyalty scheme and pay for travel with the eTicketing application.

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  • Canada - Your photo on your MasterCard

    Canadian consumers can put their own photo on their prepaid MasterCard. Gemalto is providing its CardLikeMe service to Canadian company PlasticNow, giving consumers the ability to customize their PlasticNow prepaid MasterCard with a personalized photo of their choice. Allynis CardLikeMe is completely webbased; cardholders can simply connect to the PlasticNow website, upload an image from their computer and order their card instantly online.

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  • India - Accelerating microbanking

    Underbanked people in India are benefiting from simplified access to financial services through the use of our specially developed smart cards. Each card holds up to 15 different types of secure application such as deposits, savings, loans, insurance and e-purses. The card also acts as an electronic statement to store the last 150 transactions, which are validated using biometric authentication.This one-card-does-all solution resolves the normal barriers to growth by providing users with convenient and secure banking services. Up to 500 million people are currently underserved by the financial sector and this initiative aims at the development of poorer areas.

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  • South Africa - Achieving bank card accreditation

    American Express, MasterCard and Visa have recognized the reliability of our banking solutions by making Gemalto the first company in South Africa to receive all three certifications for our new personalization facility. We already supply banking cards in many African countries and this local capability is enabling us to address the emerging EMV market. Since it allows us to operate closer to our bank customers, we are able to serve them with increased responsiveness.

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 Services for banks

  • Tunisia - Zitouna offers something different

    Consumers in Tunisia can now open a bank account and leave the branch with their new payment card in their hand, ready to be used. Zitouna Bank has deployed Gemalto’s Dexxis Instant Issuance solution so that it can offer on-the-spot EMV card personalization in all its branches. Zitouna was only launched in 2009, and the introduction of instant card issuance is part of its marketing strategy to differentiate it from its more established competitors.

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  • Turkey - Advanced contactless EMV cards

    Garanti Bank in Turkey chose Gemalto to supply our most advanced credit cards combined with our instant issuance solution. Holders can use the cards to make EMV and contactless payment, accumulate points through the bank’s loyalty scheme and pay for travel with the eTicketing application.

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