At Gemalto eBanking, we are experts in strong authentication for banks. We provide technology that allows people everywhere to prove their identity and intentions online; safe from harm, with their privacy respected and secure from fraud.

In doing so we enable cost savings, new revenue models, increased efficiency for retail as well as corporate banks. And a stronger relationship between the bank and its customers.

However, if you dig deeper than that – what makes everything else possible is trust. The trust between the bank and its online customer, trust in the technology itself and the possibilities it brings, trust as the foundation for a safer and more convenient digital world.

We've said it before: It all starts with trust.

eBanking explained

At Gemalto, we know the key to successful e-banking services is to provide the highest level of security. Our strong authentication solution guarantees secure online banking for your clients, since it all starts with trust. For financial institutions, our eBanking solutions have added value to potentially increase revenue and new business opportunities.

eBanking explained

Business Cases

Our business cases lay out the real advantages for banks in the process of developing their eBanking services. With our help, financial institutions offering e-banking will be more cost efficient, all while increasing the number of users, competition and innovation. .

Business Cases


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    Gemalto eBanking Security

    Setting you and your customers free.

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  • Gemalto eBanking Offer

    eBanking Security Guide

    Are you interested in learning more about online banking security?
    Download the first chapters of the eBanking Security Guide - a comprehensive step-by-step book proven to assist banks worldwide start asking the right questions, make the right choices and allocate the resources and time needed to succeed with their online banking solution.

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