About eBanking

​​​​​​​​​​eBanking explained

Online banking is much more than cost cutting. It's the potential for increased revenue and new business opportunities. Switching focus from low-value transactions, such as cash withdrawals and check deposits, to high value sales, such as loans, eCommerce, financial and business advice is the future of online banking.

In today's internet driven society people expect to do more online and meeting these expectations is a competitive advantage over those who see the internet as nothing more than a way to cut costs. Trust and convenience is what it takes; customers will only use online channels if they trust and find it convenient. This trust and convenience is attained by choosing the right strong authentication solution. "Good enough" security and user experience just isn't good enough anymore.

A bank that wants to keep attracting customers, upsell new services and out-complete its rivals needs good security. It's not just a cost of business, It's good for business.



With the rapid growth of online fraud such as phishing and virus attacks, online banking comes with risks. A majority of users feel concerned about improper use of their bank account credentials on the internet. Lack of security has an negative impact on a bank's business and brand image. This creates a problem for banks: how to encourage people to transact online more. Without trust, they can't offer new services and expand their online reach. Improved security is therefor a duty and opportunity​, but it means finding the right balance between security, ease of use and cost.


  • Gemalto Ezio Suite for eBanking & eCommerce

    Gemalto Ezio Suite for eBanking & eCommerce

    Gemalto’s Ezio eBanking and eCommerce solutions help banks prepare for digital transformation by ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance.

    Gemalto Ezio Suite for eBanking & eCommerce