Ezio Confirm Authentication Server

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The world is changing fast with new standards, new threats and new consumer behaviors.
With Gemalto's Ezio Confirm Authentication Server (CAS), you have an off-the-shelf server appliance that is open to your needs, as well as to your different customer segments. Neutral to which tokens you wish to use and ready to face the challenges of today as well as the opportunities of tomorrow. Simply, it's a server open to your way.

The multi-channel, have-it-your-way, multi-technology eBanking, eCommerce authentication server

Simple and easy deployment & operations

This server works with multiple operating systems and server configurations and modules support industry standard protocols for seamless integration with existing bank architectures. Admin and User features are available through Web Service REST API. It allows banks easy integration in their existing portal, further admin and user features​

Why complicate thin​gs when what’s important is getting the right tokens to the right customers – fast. Enjoy a quick and simple token integration with Ezio CAS Server and Ezio Toolkit.​​


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