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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ezio Mobile Suite enables you to launch a secure and easy to use mobile bank.​​​

Ezio Mobile Protector

Ezio Mobile Protector

The Ezio Mobile Protector is a Software Development Kit, which can be used to secure mobile banking applications and turn yo​​​ur customers' mobile phone into a strong authentication device.

Product S​​heet (PDF - 126kb)​​

Key features

  • ​One Time Password, Challenge/Response, and transaction ​data signing​
  • Easy to implement native API
  • PIN authentication with randomized secure PIN pad
  • Biometric authentication with fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Device binding
  • Jailbreak/Root detection, Anti-debug, Anti-hooking
  • Advanced obfuscation 
  • ​HSM-based key protection for secure key provisioning and ​storage
  • Security audited by independent third-party 
  • Compliant with FFIEC, NIST, and PSD2 regulations
Ezio Mobile Protector 

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​ ​ ​Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger​​

​Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger

The Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger solution allows you to tu​​rn any smartphone into a universal key which can be used to unlock access to all bank channels and digital services. It can be used to strongly authenticate and validate operations in PC and tablet Banking, Mobile Banking, eCommerce, proximity payment, ATM, branches, etc.

Product Sheet (PDF-340Kb)​


Key features

  • Allows multi-channel banking and payment services
  • Works with Ezio Mobile Protector SDK​
  • Proprietary Secure Channel (DEP) to overcome SSL weaknesses​
  • High performance OOB Messaging Server based on In-Memory Data Grid technolog
  • Dynamic scalability with ability to add nodes to increase performance​
  • Fault tolerant (no single point of failure)
  • Disaster recovery with WAN replication 
  • Support of GCM, APNS, and MPNS push networks 
  • Easy to implement API for fast deployment
  • Compliant with FFIEC, NIST, and PSD2 regulations​
Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger 
Ezio Mobile Enrollment & Provisioning Server​ ​

Ezio Mobile Enrollment & Provisioning Server​​

The Ezio Enrollment and Provisioning Server (EPS) securely transfers secret keys using a proprietary protocol - guaranteeing an end-to-end and consistent protection across all platforms. ​

Key features

  • ​Supports Secure Mobile Provisioning Protocols
  • SSM or HSM key generation and wrapping
  • Compatible with standard banking platforms
  • Supported by the Ezio Authentication Server
  • Pluggable architecture allowing integration with third-party authentication servers
  • Simple REST API​​
Ezio Mobile Enrollment & Provisioning Server​​