Ezio Mobile Banking Suite

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ezio Mobile Banking Suite enables you to launch a secure
and easy to use mobile bank.​​​

Ezio Mobile SDK​

The Ezio Mobile SDK is a Software Development Kit, which can be used to secure mobile banking applications and turn yo​​​ur customers mobile phone into a strong authentication device.

Product S​​heet (PDF - 126kb)​​

Key features

  • ​Advanced user authentication and transaction verification in    mobile banking and wallet applications
  • Secure key provisioning and storage using multi-layer encryptions
  • Evolved J​​ailbreak and root detection
  • Integrated Secure PIN pad - protecting against key loggers
  • Security audit from external lab
  • Easy to implement API with clear documentation and code examples
  • Support of Out-Of-Band authentication and transaction validation

Want to learn more about the Ezio Mobile SDK?

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Ezio Mobile ​Token​

The Ezio Mobile Token provides Strong Authentication by generating One Time Passwords. It also support advanced modes such as challenge/response and contextual transaction signature - defeating even the most advanced attacks known as Man-In-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser.

Key features

  • ​Turnkey solution for OTP and transaction signature generation on smartphones
  • Simple and entirely online registration process
  • Benefit from all security features of the Ezio Mobile SDK
  • Customizable to your needs: logos, background, colors, texts, cryptographic function
  • Penetration testing by an external lab
  • QR code for true SWYS (Sign-what-You-See) transaction signing

​​ ​

​Ezio Mobile Out-Of-Band

The Ezio Mobile OOB solution allows you to turn any smartphone into a universal key which can be used to unlock access to all bank channels and digital services. It can be used to strongly authenticate and validate operations in PC and Tablet Banking, Mobile Banking, eCommerce, Proximity payment, ATM, Branches ...

Product Sheet (PDF-340Kb)​

​Key features

  • High Performance Messaging Server using in Memory distributed database
  • Secure Channel between mobile and server to overcome TLS weaknesses
  • Generic messaging support to allow bank using the secure channel for all their sensitive data
  • Multiple Level of assurance : Information, Quick Approval, Sign-What-You-See
  • Push Notifications support on Apple, Google and Microsoft networks
  • ​Back-up solutions when out-of coverage: QR code and fully unconnected mode

​ ​

Ezio Mobile Enrollment & Provisioning Server​​

The Ezio Enrollment and Provisioning Server (EPS) securely transfers secret keys using a proprietary protocol - guaranteeing an end-to-end and consistent protection across all platforms. ​

Key features

  • ​Supports Secure Mobile Provisioning Protocols
  • SSM or HSM key generation and wrapping
  • Compatible with standard banking platforms
  • Supported by the Ezio Authentication Server
  • Pluggable architecture allowing integration with third party authentication servers
  • Simple RESTful API