Gemalto OTP Tokens


Gemalto onl​ine banking tok​​ens for authentication and transaction signing. Designed for your customers, fast to deploy and prepared for your next step. From the world leader in digital security.​

Gemalto Flex Token

Gemalto Flex is a wireless and user-friendly token that enables strong authentication and transaction data signing.

  • Flexible and scalable security: from basic transactions with OTP to sensitive batches of transactions
  • Dynamic Signature allowing mitigation of social engineering attacks
  • Thin and compact form factor
  • Intuitive use with direct access to frequently used functions
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity
  • Fully customizable to reflect the bank’s brand​

Gemalto Signer Token

The compact signing token allowing banks to scale the security of their online banking solution and mitigate up to the most advanced social engineering attacks

  • Risk-based, scalable security: from simple OTP to Dynamic Signature
  • Ultra-thin and compact form factor
  • Intuitive use, direct access to frequently used functions
  • Waterproof
  • Fully customizable to reflect the bank’s image​


Gemalto Pico token

A signing token enabling secure online banking transactions and authenticat​ion, is highly scalable and can be adapted to fit any bank's business needs.

  • Compact signing token
  • Ultra thin and compact: 70.1 mm * 44 mm * 3.4 mm
  • Weighs less than 15 g
  • Compliant ​with OATH-OCRA​
  • Customizable with branding possibilities


Gemalto Lava token

One-button token with great branding possibilities and available in two versions, time- or event-based OTP generation.

  • One-button token with great branding possibilities for time-based OTP generation
  • Light and compact and weighs less than 11g
  • Time-or event-based OTP generation
  • Customizable with branding possibilities

Gemalto Display Card

Your new​ favourite card – with a single-button OTP token inside. Also available with payment functionality.

  • Single-button or PIN pad display card token
  • Personalization performed in one of our 21 EMV certified sites around the world
  • End user fulfillment
  • Graphical personalization possible
  • Compliant with CE, UL, WEEE and RoHS

Product Sheet (PDF - 756kb)

Ezio Talk Token


Gemalto Talk Token

Accessible eBanking services for all.

  • Versatile OTP device for strong authentication and transaction signing
  • Designed to be convenient for people who cannot easily use small devices for eBanking operations
  • Speech capabilities​​​​