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  • ​​​​​ Make sure you benefit from your peers' experience

    Trusted Service Hub: ONE solution to pin point Secure Frameworks on ALL handsets

    Gemalto’s Trusted Service Hub is an immediate business solution for banks, for example, wanting to deploy mobile payment solutions to their customers across a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones and mobile networks ​

    Maximize your service reach

  • 17 Financial institutions share their EMV experience

    Gemalto’s EMV Case Study Booklet: share the experiences of financial institutions around the globe

    Upgrading to EMV chip cards doesn't have to be painful. With the latest innovation and advanced features in EMV chip technology, it will not only secure your transactions, but also keep your customers engaged while contributing to additional revenue opportunities.

    ​Download the EMV Case Study Report​

  • Make sure your clients remember their PIN code

    French bank LCL introduces an innovative PIN by SMS service

    Banks provide their customers a fast, seamless and interactive card renewal experience helping​ them during the whole life cycle of their card.

    Find out how banks are taking advantage of new mobile technology​

  • Belgian company Sixdots is setting a new mobile wallet standard - offering a perfect example of open platform strong authentication.

    Turn your customers’ mobile phones into strong authentication devices

    The massive uptake of mobile technology in recent years is affecting mainstream consumer behavior. How do you meet evolving consumer expectations while ensuring a comprehensive mix of security and usability in response?

    Hear the story from Frederic Lhostte, CEO at Sixdots

  • Prepaid crosses frontiers

    Payment can be fun!

    Discover a new way to pay

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  • Prepaid crosses frontiers

    Prepaid Crosses Frontiers

    Open-loop prepaid: the perfect solution to providing the same transaction potential as regular debit or credit cards, with the added freedom of not being linked to a bank account

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  • Customized banking cards

    The personal touch

    Customized banking cards look fantastic and can give banks a crucial business boost.

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  • Click here to read the article coming from /review

    MCX joins the mobile wallet market

    One of the newest entrants to the mobile wallet market, MCX, has chosen Gemalto as its technology partner.

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  • Embracing the retail market

    Gemalto is taking a big leap into the retail payments market in partnership with industry heavyweights.

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  • Two birds with one stone – Case Study: SCB

    “State-of-the-art meets safe and secure.” That’s what it says on the website of Singapore’s Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), in reference to Gemalto’s Ezio OnCard PAD &PAY display card tokens and Ezio server.

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  • Contactless Migration – Making it easy for you!

    Gemalto’s Consulting Services team has developed a range of comprehensive, off-the-shelf consultancy programs to help you ensure a seamless and speedy migration towards contactless payment.

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  • The power of Contactless

    Turkey is well known for its adoption of innovative contactless solutions, so there’s no surprise that it’s taking another step forward with a project in the north western city of Eskişehir.

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  • The Display Card Wave

    Using an innovative product as a forceful tool, find out about the different projects where Gemalto’s Display Card has been successfully deployed around the world

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  • Gemalto's Green Banking Offer

    The Gemalto eco-friendly offer for banks
    Gemalto's Green Banking Offer is an overall environmental strategy that accompanies products through four main steps in their life cycle. Learn how our offers are linked to provide environmentally-friendly and leaner practices.

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  • Customized Inauguration Passes

    Improved delivery and issuance times with top quality is the promise of Allynis Connect and Card Compiler in a project with the French transportation authority in Paris.

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  • Simple, Secure Tokens

    Ezio online banking tokens for authentication and transaction signing.

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  • Mobile Payment in Brazil

    5 minutes with Massayuki Fujimoto, CEO of Paggo.

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  • EMV in the US

    Most of the world has fully migrated or is in the process of migrating to EMV chip technology for debit and credit payments.

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  • North America set for payment revolution

    Visa’s backing of chip technology signals the beginning of a new era for US banks and retailers.

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  • Mobile banking for the unbanked

    Colombia has pioneered secure mobile banking services in Latin America – and soon this will even extend to people without bank accounts.

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  • Innovation in Asian Banking

    The 30-minute smart card
    An instant card issuance pilot in Singapore is just one example of the culture of innovation.

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  • The World of eBanking

    Banks around the world are moving rapidly to expand their use of digital security devices for eBanking and eCommerce.

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  • The Top Five Reasons to Use Digital Security Devices With eBanking

    Online banking has two very powerful market drivers - customer convenience and bank profits.

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  • Electronic PIN delivery: a simpler, better way

    Electronic PIN delivery is now a reality and an opportunity that many banks are seizing.

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