Welcome to the power of contactless!

Turkey is well known for its adoption of innovative contactless solutions, so there’s no surprise that it’s taking another step forward with a project in the north western city of Eskişehir. The local council has teamed up with Garanti Bank to install contactless POS validators on buses and trains throughout the district.

The system marks an advance on the closed-loop systems commonly used in transit ticketing, and enables travelers to use a prepaid MasterCard contactless card to pay for their tickets. At the same time it exposes more consumers to the power of the Garanti brand.

It means the city can not only cut the costs associated with owning and maintaining numerous ticket vending machines at its transport terminals, but also reduce the number of ticket sellers it employs. Plus the scheme makes life easier for passengers because they don’t need to carry so many cards. In addition, when the system is expanded to include debit and credit cards, Garanti’s customers will no longer have to preload tickets.

Gemalto’s Pay@Gate solution was selected to combine transit and payment on the one card. Based on the EMV standards used throughout the banking world Pay@Gate makes it simple to install reliable, cost-efficient and easy-to-source terminals city-wide.


Optelio Contactless for Transit

Optelio Contactless for Transit

Gemalto helps Garanti Bank get Eskisehir moving

Optelio Contactless for Transit - [PDF - 745kb]