Contactless Migration – Making it easy for you!


According to recent research by VISA Europe, the use of contactless payment solutions is booming in key markets across Europe and Asia. To accompany this growing demand from issuers, Gemalto’s Consulting Services team has developed a range of comprehensive, off-the-shelf consultancy programs to help you ensure a seamless and speedy migration towards contactless payment. These programs cover:

  • From Contact to Contactless – This covers the first issuance of contactless cards, where business and functional requirements are translated into proper card personalization specifications
  • The Contactless Upgrade – This involves the mandated or recommended upgrade of an existing contactless card program, leveraging the latest payment scheme specifications
  • Entering mobile NFC - During this phase, the first mobile contactless cards are issued, taking into account various wallet and remote management options


Our consultants have already delivered dozens of these programs this year in Europe, Asia and America. Our unrivalled expertise means we can help you along every step of your migration with reducing your internal costs, minimizing project risk, and optimizing the timescale for rollout.

Our programs and our pool of professional consultants are recognized by leading financial institutions around the world. Gemalto Consulting Services are also accredited by MasterCard. This accreditation officially endorses Gemalto’s consulting capabilities and our vendor-independent services in contactless deployments worldwide.

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Consulting Servicess

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