Customized Inauguration Passes

The STIF, the French transportation authority that runs the public transport network in the Paris region, has launched a new project using Gemalto's Card Compiler solution.

The Story

The STIF is continuously improving and modernizing its transport lines in Paris and the surrounding suburbs to facilitate the daily commute. With this in mind, for every big line extension or opening, there is a specific inauguration ceremony. As part of the celebrations, the STIF gives away exclusive free journey passes. These event-related journey passes allow commuters to travel for free on certain days inside certain zones.
On one side, the passes have a generic print which is featured on all the cards, while the other side uses a specific print representing the event for which it is being used. The first two inaugurations took place in November, with two more planned for December.

How it works

A batch of cards with the fixed print on one side, are held in stock. Then the STIF uses Allynis Connect to order the cards with a customized print and relative information. The system offers a simple and efficient way for the STIF fill in the necessary information:

The Allynis Card Compiler slashes card issuance and delivery times. Processes that previously took weeks are radically shortened and customers can receive their order in a matter of days.

  • The specific visual according to the event for the other side of the card
  • The amount of cards required from one to several thousand
  • The number of zones covered by the promo (data personalization)
  • The dates during which the pass is valid for travel (data personalization)

In just a few clicks, the cards order is complete. The cards are then sent to the STIF by express delivery, with the appropriate encrypted data, design and packaging. The passes are then distributed during the event.
In November 2012, 3,000 passes were issued, and in December 2012, the order reached 4,500 for the inauguration of two new transport lines in the Paris region.

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